Saturday, October 27, 2012

The Winners for Week #4 are........

The winners for Week #4 are:

Sewing: suddenly sandra 

Crochet: thecraftersaprentice

Cross stitch: blessedangie

Congratulations ladies!!!

Please email me with your full names 
and address info to claim your prizes.

to all our generous sponsors
and shops that were offering discounts
during our Sew & Stitch along.
I hope you all took advantage of the discounts
and found some new places to shop in the process.

Thanks so much to everyone who played along.
I hope you all had a good time :)

I'm sorry that I wasn't posting daily 
as I would have liked to be
during the entire month.
A very dear friend of mine 
drowned on Oct 9th
and I'll be honest,
it's been a tough few weeks.
Life is a gift.
Squeeze someone you love :)


  1. Congrats ladies! It was nice event and I'm glad I joined in even though I haven't done as much as I could.

  2. Thank you, Karen, for organizing this. It really got me going.
    So very sorry to hear about your friend. Must be so difficult to give this a place. I am thinking of you. Big hug xox

  3. congratulations. It was fun to see what every one was working on.

  4. Congratulations Wendy and Angie (and me!)! This was so much fun to play in every week, and I'm thrilled that I got some gifts done, and also managed to add to my fabric stash thanks to a lovely discount ;) Thank you for hostessing this fun "along" - we appreciate your hard work!

    I'm so so sorry about your friend - maple syrup hugs sent your way, and prayers sent to their family :(

  5. Thank you for hosting especially in the circumstances. Am very sad to hear about your dear friend - I am sending you positive vibes and hyper-hugs across the airways. Sometimes one day at a time doesn't work and then you just have to take it one hour at a time until you build back up - but you know that already:-)
    Keep well, love and hugs

  6. Thanks Karen for hosting this event and letting me be one of the shops to donate. I was not able to participate either due to many other things going on...but had fun looking at everyone's projects. Was happy to see in Week 3 that 2 of my customers were winners. YAY for them. So sorry to hear of the loss of your friend. Prayers are going out you and their family during this rough time. You are right...hug the ones you love.

  7. Thanks for hosting the Handstitched Holiday Sew and Stitch Along! I had fun participating, and seeing all of the handmade items. And thanks for a great prize!


  8. wow, I won! Well done you other ladies.

    I'm so sorry to hear about your friend, that's just awful, sending you hugs...

  9. My deepest sympathies to you and to your friend's family. Please don't worry about not posting every day, we appreciate everything you do for us crafters :)