Monday, August 5, 2013

Saturday at the Peddler's Market

Saturday was such a beautiful day here in Southern California.
It was only 83 degrees and my hubby had the day off.
It just so happens that Piecemaker's Quilt shop in Costa Mesa
was having it's bi-annual Peddler's Market.
It's an open air "garage sale" of sorts.
There are 100 vendors and parking & admission are free :)
So many cool things to see and buy
and the prices are definately "garage sale" prices!
You can find vintage jewelry and clothes, housewares, antiques
and so much more!
I attended the February Peddler's Market
and couldn't wait for August!
Just look at all those buttons!!!

This darling hand-stitched snowman pillow needed to come home with me.
Can you say $8.00?

Here is a photo of my fabric haul for the day.
Can you say fresh from the bolt fabrics
 for $1.00 and $2.00 a yard?
AND they had a pile of fabric that was free for the taking!
(I controlled myself and only took 2 pcs of the free fabric
 to leave some for others)
Aren't I generous?

Look at this fat quarter bundle I got for $5.00!!!!

How fun are these buttons????

And the seller of this homespun fabric wanted to make me a deal on a "pile" of homespun
but believe it or not I had to decline.
We came on the motorcycle and we didn't have anymore room in the saddlebags.
(do you think my hubby did that on purpose?)

And here is my favorite find of the day.
Is it not the cutest thing EVER?
Can you say $12.00?
I know right?

It's old and crusty and PERFECT!!!
I love love LOVE it!!!

My hubby found a model train set 
with all the goodies to go with it for $25.00 
and was carefully placing the cars
 and track into one of the saddlebags.
He is going to set it up for the grands to play with :)

On our way home we stopped at the motorcycle shop
and got a new helmet for me.
My current helmet is just a bit too loose
and when we are on the freeway 
I can't look left or right because
the wind gets underneath and I feel like my head
is going to get pulled off my shoulders.
I have to say I think it's pretty darn cute!
I saw it at Christmas time
but I didn't buy it then because it was $90.00.
Guess who got the very last one in size Small yesterday
at 50 % off!!!
Yep...This girl did :)
I hate to pay full price!

What a super fun Saturday!
Hope you all had a lovely weekend as well :)


  1. Didn't you do well? What a lovely day - rummaging around, picking up bargains, spending it with hubby. Sounds like bliss. The FQ bundle was a real bargain.

  2. You totally scored Karen!!! Sounds like a fun day! :)

  3. That sounds like my kind of flea/peddler's market ... I probably would have bought out the button section, lol.

    My helmet would be pink, too. My oldest son (an electrician) bought his former girlfriend a pink hard hat as a gift - I think it's fantastic that they realize that women are out doing fun or "traditionally male" stuff too! They even now have pink clothing with sports team logos - it's about time :D

  4. You totally scored all the way around :-)! So did Jose :-)!

  5. You scored! I LOVE the $5 FQ bundle!

  6. At first glance I thought it was a Farmer;s Market. I love Farmer's Markets, but sale from Piecemakers sounds great! Wish I could have gone.What nice bargains you got. I love a good bargain. I lived in Costa Mesa when I was a child in the 4th grade. Haven't been there since.

  7. What a great day you had! The buttons, the fabric, that fat quarter bundle....oh my! All cute!

  8. Looks like you hit the jackpot. The flour sifter is the greatest ever. So cute.

  9. You lucky duck! I love the fat quarter bundle and the helmet is way super cute and I agree with you that the best thing ever is that sifter! so jealous and we don't even know each other. I am so happy that it has found a great home because you sound just like me!