Friday, July 9, 2010

Aprons! Aprons! Aprons!

So today is a very exciting day for me. A few weeks back, I stumbled across a blogsite ( that the ladies were posting about an apron swap. An apron swap? I'd never heard of it. So I started reading and it turns out that these crafty ladies sign up to sew an apron based on the given theme and then they are assigned a partner and on a particular day they mail off these darling aprons along with a few other goodies and "swap" them. How fun is that??? Who doesn't love to get a package of crafty goodness in the mail??? So I've been waiting for a new swap to start up so that I could join in the fun. And today is the day! I've sent in my info to Val, the amazing organizer (and very talented crafter as well) and I'm anxiously awaiting info on who my partner will be. This swap is titled "Hot Mamas in Wonderland:. The theme is based on Alice in Wonderland this time around. I'll be posting little updates as I go through this process for the first time. I already know which pattern I'm going to use for my apron. Jose and I just watched the Johnny Depp version of the movie 2 weeks ago and because I knew that this swap was coming up, I watched with special attention to think of ways I could incorporate things from Alice to make this a really fun swap.


  1. It's my first apron swap too and I sooooo have mine apron totally planned out. Now, can I make it work? We shall see!!

  2. Very nice to meet you! I'm so anxious to get this started that I've even had dreams about the things I want to make, but sadly I have to wait to see who I'm partnered with so I can take their likes and dislikes into consideration. I'm a terrible waiter...... :)

  3. I am soooooo glad ya'll are excited! I get excited each time I think up a new theme! Welcome aboard!