Monday, June 20, 2011

It's exactly what I was afraid of......

 I have loved the beauty of quilts for as long as I can remember. I have always wanted to learn how to quilt myself one day. If you know me, you know that I am an "all in or all out" personality. I was terrified that if I made a quilt, I would be hooked and it would become a new obsession for me.


That's exactly what happened...... I just can't get enough!

At first when I had to cut all the fabric, I told myself that this hobby was definitely NOT for me. Too tedious. Then when I had to sew the 4 1/2" squares and then press them all and then cut them down to 3 1/2" squares, I told myself that I was NEVER going to do this again! But as soon as those beautiful pinwheels started to take shape, I knew I was in deep! It's kind of like childbirth really. When you hold that darling infant in your arms, you totally forget about the 9 months that you struggled to get there. The sleepless nights and fact that you couldn't see your feet anymore towards the end and the constant trips to the bathroom to pee just a teaspoon! It's all worth it for the end result! Standing back and looking at  my beautiful quilt top is very emotional. Hard to explain really. Now it's time to sandwich it together and do the hand quilting. I'm so glad that my first quilt, "my baby" is going to my "baby girl", Kristina,  for her baby girl, Evie, who is due any minute now! I know that she will feel the love in every stitch. And when I see my little Evie rolling around drooling on this quilt my heart will swell for sure :)

I just talked to April and she wants one for Sofie too! Yippie!!! Guess I'd better get busy, I've got some more cutting and pressing to do!


Sarah C

That is gorgeous! I understand exactly how you feel. Two years ago I had some crazy notion that it would be easier to make a double ring wedding quilt rather than spend the $1000+ to have one custom made. That was my very first quilt and I am still not finished with it!!! It was supposed to be a wedding gift. Hopefully it will be done for Christmas this year. But I also swore that I would never make another and I already have 3 more in mind that I want to start.


It turned out beautifully! What a sweet first quilt. And that darling little baby-to-be will love it! What a special gift!

Crazy Amy

it's just beautiful! I bet Evie will give it to her baby girl one day too :)

LaDonna and Diana

That is a beautiful quilt! Love the colors, such a happy, cheerful quilt! You did a fantastic job!


Keep Stitchin'

Beautiful! I know what you mean. I started out as a garment sewer, did all sorts of crafts, sewed home decor, you name it. Then I tried quilting about 22 years ago and that was it... I love it so much because there are so many variations on it, I love fabric, and I love color, so what is not to love about quilting??? (well, sometimes the expense can be tough). Have fun!

The Sunflower Patch

Totally awesome job! Your first quilt is a real beauty :) No surprise there,you make the most awesome things!


Beautiful! I have been kickin' around the thought of doing a quilt too and had all the same reasons you did that I shouldn't. But I really would like to do one and I even have 1 picked out. Thanks for the inspiration! It's gorgeous!


I knew it would turn out great!!!
Are you hand quilting with the pearl cotton?? O adore that look...can't wait to see it all the way done!! You can make me a lap sized one.....just sayin..

Barb B

Karen it looks gorgeous and baby Evie will love it! I am supposed to start a quilt class out here in the desert, but the snowbirds have left, not enough for a class:( I guess I could teach myself, right?!

Good job and beautiful colors!



Very nice :-)! I love it when you learn a new skill because you make such beautiful stuff and you are willing to teach others too :-)! Let the obsession begin :-)!


Browsing through blogland because I have suddenly (nope not true) become interested in quilting and patchwork and found your blog. Your post felt like it was talking directly to me, cause I'm dithering a bit about trying it - thank you :-)
Gorgeous quilt btw


Ah, you've been bitten by the quilting bug. Not a bad bite at all.

The pinwheel quilt is GORGEOUS!


It's beautiful! It certainly doesn't look like a first quilt! It's absolutely gorgeous! Evie is a lucky little girl, now if only she would hurry up and get here!!

Lisa @KarmaPerDiem

Gorgeous, gorgeous! I absolutely love your quilt (and your blog!)!


Your quilt is really beautiful! Well done, it's perfect work and your first quilt! The fabrics and the pattern are wonderful!


Quilting is so like that; it sneaks in and takes over before you know it. How wonderful that your first quilt is going to your grandchild. I'm about to begin one for my third grand.

Stopping in from Fabric Tuesday. My link is

Our Busy Little Bunch

Gorgeous! Great job!


What a beautiful quilt, I`m sure it won`t be your last! Quilting is highly addictive. Your granddaughter will treasure it.

Lana Hardy

I love your quilt!! I am an addict.. of quilting!! I think I need to try this pattern!!
Thanks for sharing!!
I am a new follower


Congratulations! Very nice. You are well on your way.


For your first quilt that is amazing. Welcome to the world of addicted quilters!


Beautiful...great job. I can't believe this is your first quilt! visiting from sew cute tuesday

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