Thursday, September 22, 2011

13 Saturdays......

With only 13 Saturdays left before Christmas, I've been busy working on gifties. Some of them I just can't show you until after Christmas, but I'm pretty sure that Sofie and Evie don't have internet access just yet :) I finished these 2 rattles for the girls this evening. They are made out of a pair of pink polka dot socks that I found at Target on clearance for $2.48! They have a jingle bell inside the head that is muffled by the stuffing so they have a pleasant little jingle. You can find the free tutorial HERE.

I noticed the 2 proud Dad's holding their little girls on Sunday after lunch and decided to snap a photo. I wasn't expecting the girls to be looking at each other. How cute is that? I can tell they are going to be such good friends! I hope they like their rattles :)


  1. adorable - the princesses and the rattles!

  2. What a great picture! The rattles turned out so cute!

  3. Rattles,princesses & a free tutorial too? Sweet!
    Super cuteness up there :)

  4. Those rattles are just TOO CUTE!!!!!! The babies aren't too bad either!!!!!! ;)

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  6. Seu cantinho é muito fofo!!!!