Tuesday, November 13, 2012

A Bit of Joy and some Ho Ho Ho!

"Joy" stitched on 36ct Country Mocha linen over 2 threads.
My blog has been quiet for a while,
hasn't it?
It sure seems that way to me.....
I've had a gnarly sinus headache for the last few days.
It's so hard to get anything done when you don't feel well.
I did get some stitching done though.
The photo above is a free chart 
and you can find it HERE.
I'm not sure if I want to make it into an ornament
or a little pillow.......
I changed the colors (of course)
mainly because I don't like the idea of green snowflakes.
If I ever see green snowflakes falling from the sky
I'll be sure to get out of the way immediately!
I also thought the heart should hang from a golden thread.
I finished Ho Ho Ho in a Row from Lizzie Kate.
I'm making this into a little pillow for sure.
Ho Ho Ho in a Row by Lizzie Kate stitched on 28ct Pewter Lugana over 2 threads.
 Today I finished another "Infinity Bag".
I know what you're thinking.....
haven't we seen that bag before?
Well my friend Annie from Crazy Annie's Stitchin' and Stuff
saw the bag I made for a friend and wanted one just like it.
She also wanted a tissue cover to match :)
So tomorrow this pair will be on it's way to Waukegan!
How fun is that?
Next on my agenda is
 a couple of dolls for my darling granddaughters.
I can't wait to get started!!!


  1. you have been pretty dang busy there missy,
    Sorry about the sinus thing, you should've said something sooner so i could've sent chicken soup vibes your way

  2. You're stitching is beautiful...especially love the 'Joy". Hope you're feeling better, sinus headaches can be brutal. Be well...:)

  3. Both of the Christmas Cross stitches turned out really cute.

  4. Sweet stitcheries, but oh my ... green snowflakes???! White was a much better choice, lol! I think we're headed Stateside later this month or early next month for a Joanns run, so I hope I can find that sweet floral fabric when we go - it's great in totes, but now that you've mentioned dollies - it would be fantastic for dolly dresses too! I have a mermaid dolly and a pirate doll on my To Do list for the g-niece/nephews - when I get my Christmas gifts done I can get cracking on the fun extra stuff :D

  5. Very cute "Joy". Great color choices.
    I love the Jr Artist bag, very clever. Makes me want to go color.
    Teresa's Heartfelt Stitches

  6. Thanks Karen...love the tote bag and tissue cover...just saw the pics here. I cannot wait to get it. I am so excited. Love your stitching also...cute cute cute..AND Green Snowflakes? What is up with that. LOL Your choice of white is much better. Thx again !

  7. such lovely makes! The stitcheries are gorgeous! I think green snowflakes must be a result of global warming or pollution!

  8. Your cross stitching looks great :) Thank you for sharing the link to "JOY" - I have added it to my (already too long) Christmas stitching list.


  9. I got the fabric today - we headed to Buffalo for shopping and then dinner out with friends --- I picked up a yard on sale for $5.59 - SCORE! I'm thinking mermaid costume for a dolly ... :)