Friday, October 18, 2013

Fairies, Guinea Pigs and Pumpkins

The gift sets are  D O N E and listed.
If you'd like to see close up photos
you can see them in my shop HERE
Have you ever started a project that seemed like a good idea
in your head,
but it actually turned out to be SO much more than 
what you anticipated?
When I thought about embellishing the fairy fabric
I had forgotten how much I dislike working
with metallic threads.
What a pain in the pattootie!

I'm glad it's done
and I'm happy with the outcome.

My very talented friend Cherise Smith
made these gorgeous custom scissor fobs to match!
You can see her work HERE 

And of course I have to share a few shot of my lovely grands
from yesterday's trip to Zoomers Petting Zoo's
annual Pumpkin Patch.

Evie was in heaven with her little Guinea Pig friend :)

And David was making a friend of his own!

If you could see how small this pumpkin was
you'd laugh because next to Evie
it looks pretty big!

And David did such a great job decorating his pumpkin!
I can't wait for next week
when we head out to Irvine Park's Pumpkin Patch
and all 6 of the Minions grands will be there!!!


  1. The magic of this season is the Grands and pumpkin patches. Very adorable. Your Fairy gifts are lovely and look like a labor of love. Falling into Autumn Bliss...

  2. Well *there* you are - my blog reader is saying your last post was August 31, which obviously, as I now know - isn't true - very very weird! I can see I have some reading ahead - your fairy bags and grands are adorable (grands level of adorable = higher of course!) :D I've unsubscribed and resubscribed so maybe I'll see your new posts now as they come through :D

  3. P.S. Redheaded vixen fairy = ROCKS!!! This redhead approves, LOL!

  4. Those are absolutely gorgeous. You have lots of patience I can tell. The grands are cutties too.

  5. LOL, Minions! Tee hee hee! Very cute grands you have there! Love your gift sets! Just beautiful!

  6. The bags are just lovely. What a fun day at the pumpkin patch.