Monday, February 3, 2014

She Who Sews Blog Hop !!!

I'm so excited about this hop!
I told myself that I would take a break 
for a while from the hops
and get caught up on some projects that need 
to get done......
And then Madam Samm went and did it.....
She posted this fantastic fabric called
"Handmaids" by J. Wecker Frisch and I was sucked in.
I'm pretty sure I squealed when I saw it.

This time around we are supposed to use the fabric
to update our sewing room.
Well I am constantly changing thread colors
and find myself with bobbins and spools of thread
laying next to my sewing machine.
And of course, I knock the bobbins on to the ground....Ugh.
So I went on ebay and typed in "thread caddy"
to see what I could find.
An adorable vintage wooden rocking chair pin cushion
with pegs for your thread and bobbins!
I fell deeply in love.
So I bought one and decided to give it new life.
And then I bought 3 more....:)

I tried to google info about these darling little chairs.
I can't find any "one" source for them.
Each one seems to have it's own origin.
I've read that it was a pattern
 in an old woodworking magazine from the 50's.
One woman said her grandfather made them in his garage
and sold them door to door in the 1930's.
They are all similar, but still different.
I purchased 4 that had the scissor holder included.
I also found one that has a small drawer underneath for 
buttons or accessories.

I first sanded them down,
then used primer.
Then 2 coats of paint and a coat of acrylic sealer.
I picked my favorite "beauty" from the fabric
and embelished her eyes, lips, hair, wings, 
necklace hearts and pins.
Then I used coordinating fabric
to make the cushions for the little chair
that I painted red (of course).
I wrestled with the idea of painting white polka dots
on the chair, but in the end I wanted
the fabric to really stand out.

It turned out to be a lot more work than I originally thought.
But I have to say that I love them all
now that they are done :)
I have a feeling that my little granddaughters
are going to want to play Barbies with these
when they see them.
They would be the perfect size for Barbie after all.
It was my intention to make a new ironing board cover
with this fabric as well,
but I managed to catch the H5N1 flu
and I've been miserable and useless for about 2 weeks now.
So I will get it done very soon.

I'd like to Thank Madam Samm 
for another awesome hop 
and Carla (from Creatin' in the Sticks) 
for being such an 
awesome cheerleader!!!

Please be sure to stop by the other creative bloggers
who are sharing their creations today :)


The Thimblemouse of Country Crossroads

ADORABLE!!!!! Just the cutest!!! I think I must go chair hunting.


Karen ! I just love your project. Those are sew adorable and the fabric is perfect for it. I hope you feel better soon. Take care of yourself!
Thanks for sharing.
xo jan
xo jan

Terry@ a quilting blog

These are just so cute…great project!!! Feel better soon :)

DebraKay Neiman

Lucky you to find these ... you updated them so nicely. Get well soon, drink lots of warm liquids. crystalbluern at onlineok dot com


Wonderful project! These wooden pincushion chairs are a great find. Your refinishing job adds so much to the original idea. Hope you are feeling better soon ... <3 Pat

Judy B

Sew sweet! I have one of those type of chairs, now to cover it. Thank you for sharing and get well soon.


Yeah, now we're all going to want one of those. Love it! Great project.


Oh, Karen. They are cute as a button. My mother had one long ago. I might have to go on the search for it, Your chairs bring back memories of me as a kid rocking Barbie in them. Yes, it is the perfect size for her.


Adorable little rocking chairs!


so danged cute and useful! a twofer fer sure! great job


I love your cute and wonderful rocking chairs pincushions. What a good idea. Thanks for sharing.


What a wonderful project! I think I saw one of those years ago, but I don't remember where. Your remake of them is marvelous.

Mdm Samm

you pinned it my dear…bless your heart ! to better days!

Kristen King

You did an amazing job on your chairs and I hope you are feeling well soon!! :)

Elizabeth Coughlin

Oh those chairs are soooo cute! Great job. Get well soon!


So, so cute! I'm totally amazed at how beautiful this turned out - love it! I'm so sorry you've had the flu. I hope you get better very, very soon. blessings, marlene

Marjorie's Busy Corner

Way adorable!!!!!


That chair is super cute and I love the extra touch of your hand stitching. Hope you get to feeling better soon!

Purl Buttons

I am sorry to read you have been ill. There is nothing like being sick in the winter when you have all that "down time" set for sewing and then being to sick to take advantage of it.
You did a wonderful job with your vintage/new pincushion rocking chairs. They are all so cute. I'm not sure but what I would like to play Barbies with them, too.


What a cute re-do of those chairs! I love your embellished fabric.... really adds to the cuteness. Feel better..... I'm just about over my flu now too and two weeks seems to be the time frame. Thanks for sharing today!

That is definitely upcycling! Those turned out sew cute.


Your little rocking chairs are just adorable!!! I have one of those that I found at a garage sale and have it for sale in my Etsy shop. If it doesn't sell, I will probably keep it. I put a pin cushion made from red and white ticking in the seat, so I could paint mine red too. I'll have to think about it.

Doris Rice

Oh my gosh, the rocking chairs are just too cute! I love vintage stuff! I'm going to look for one. Hope you haven't bought them all! And I hope you're feeling better soon! Darn flu! Who has time to be sick???!!! We have projects to make!

Joyce Carter

Oh my goodness, Karen. These are waaay too cute.You did a great job making them like new again. They are so adorable. Thanks for sharing.


What a great makeover for those little chairs! You just can't go wrong with this fabric! :-) Hope you get to feeling better real soon.


Those are so cute! Thanks for sharing and I hope you are feeling better by now!


WOW, those are just awesome! Fantastic redo. Now, I have to go....headed over to Ebay!!!


Oh, my goodness, those little chairs are so cute. I love the little details you added. I need to show hubby this. I want...
Thanks for hopping. I enjoyed your post very much.

Sherry Von Fumetti

You hit the jackpot with those rocking chairs. Too cute for words! svonfumetti at yahoo dot com

Just Quilt It

Oh, I remember these. I think my mom had one at one time. You did a marvelous job on them. Great projects!


What adorable little chair pin cushions! I l love them! They are perfect for showcasing this fabric.
Hope you are feeling better now! I had it too, and it is not fun!

Agnes B. Bullock

The chair pin cushion is the best! Fabulous!! Now I want one, or two or three...


Those are just the cutest chairs ever! I love how you made them so much more beautiful...great job with this fabric!


The thread catcher chairs are fabulous! I think my grandmother may have had one when I was a girl. How fun! I hope you get your ironing board cover finished soon. Thanks for sharing!


Get well soon!


So cute! love them, thanks for sharing. vickise at gmail dot com


OMG...Those are soooo cute! I love them. I am sure your daughter will love them for her Barbies. Get lots of rest and hope you feel better soon.


Oooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, the chairs are wonderful, great, beautiful, you did such a great job, waoh!!!!!


STOP THE TRAIN!!!!! I want to get off here and sit a spell in those ADORABLE CHAIRS!!!! SEW GOOD are your little projects!!!! BRAVO BRAVO!!


Like I've already said - these are adorable! Love them. I'm sure the girls will have fun with them too! I'm always excited to see what you create. You inspire me!


So sweet!

Heidi [Banks of Frog Creek]

Love those chairs!!! What a great idea!


Your pin cushion chairs just make me want to sit a while....very cute. I remember my Grandma had a chair like that.


What an awesome find! And you did a beautiful job of "restoring" these little vintage chairs. So darn cool! I'm keeping my eyes open for these at flea markets now :)

Kathy H

Those little chairs are adorable. You did such a great job with the painting and the cushions.

Baa. xxx

Love the embelishing - so clever! Those chairs are darling and really rock in red!


I can hear your excitement when you found those chairs. The make over is unbelievable! How absolutely too cool.


Those little chairs are to die for! I love the embellishing you added too! I hope you are on the road to recovery from the flu.


How adorable! Sorry you're sick, though -- feel better soon! :)


The chairs turned out fantastic. Such a huge change from the original chairs.


Love your chairs. I have several of them as well I have a few that have the drawers under the seat, I love how you used the fabric to cover .
Feel better


Oh I do hope you are feeling better! I love your little red chair with this "She Who Sews" fabric. Thank you sew very much for Hopping...


I hope you are feeling better those flu's really take it out of you.
Those rocking chairs are just adorable and you did a beautiful job on all of them. Take care. Blessins

Brandy Pettit

I LOVE your little patchwork chairs! Thank you for sharing!

Teatime Creations

What wonderful rocking chair pin cushions. Sew nice that you are able to reuse these treasures.


Oh, I love those chairs! I'm going to be on the look out for those. Great project!


When my mother in law had to move into a nursing home we moved into her house. I found one of these darling chairs just like the ones you showed. You have given me ideas now. Thanks.


Those are all adorable!


OMG! I want one of these! they are too sweet for words, and yes they will definitely be used as barbie chairs at least in my house they would!


To Do List Item #1 Get on eBay and find those chairs :) That is absolutely AMAZING!!! Great Job, I LOVE it!!


Hello! I just love your little chair project. Very different and unexpected. Great job. I especially enjoyed seeing how you embellished our She Who Sews, "Shop Stand" I call her, Handmaids™. I want to try and find one of these little treasures from the 1930's. Thanks for sharing their story.
J. Wecker Frisch


One Wowza project is more than generous to share with us! I totally love what you did - the red gorgeous and the fabric with all your embellishments is divine.

Deonn @ Quiltscapes

Oh, that is the cutest pincushion ever! LOVE. Hope you are feeling better - a flu really puts a dent on creative time!!

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