Monday, August 25, 2014

It can't be the end of August already???

My daughter took some pics of the kids
the other morning so 
I wanted to share little Miss Daisy May
enjoying her new play mat :)
She is also playing with the patchwork tabby blankie
and the kitty rattle I made for her older sister Evie.

It's amazing to see how big Evie has grown 
when they are lying side by side.
And here they are, all 3, playing together.
David, Evie and Daisy :)
So much love there.

I also wanted to share a few pics of our new
"Stitched Together" ministry at church.
We are making dresses for the charity
We had such a great time!
This is my Mom holding 4 of the dresses she was working on. 
And this is my beautiful daughter with the dress she finished :)
(David, Evie and Daisy are her kidlets) 
Here is a photo of all the dresses that were completed by the 
10 women who attended the event.
Not bad for 3 hours of sewing.
It just makes my heart happy to imagine the smiling faces
of all the little girls who will be receiving these dresses
stitched for them with love :) 
The ladies that attended the event were so enthusiastic about it
that we have decided to make this a quarterly event :)
How cool is that?


  1. The baby and kiddo pictures are making me melt into a yearning-to-be-a-grandma PILE OF GOO!!! The sweet is killing me, and making me very jealous :D It looks like a lot of beautiful dresses will be going to Africa for the girls - that's fantastic :)

    P.S. It's pretty obvious who your twin -- I mean daughter - takes after - holy smokes!

  2. that is very cool.
    haven't seen a baby pic in awhile...she is getting so big already. I can see your gramma face now

  3. Lovely little people. They are getting so big. Love the dresses. Awesome cause!

  4. The kids are too cute for words. What a wonderful project the little dresses are. We have a group "Crafts for Christ" where we make prayer blankets. I will share with them about your dresses.