Tuesday, May 3, 2011

You gotta love free stuff!

So the other day while I was at the beach with my little pirates, this cute little Octopus followed me home....... OK, maybe not, but doesn't she look realistic with the photo of Crystal Cove in the background? I mean you can hardly see the monitor frame right?
Oh well...
 I found this free download to make this adorable Octopus online and you can find it here. It's designed by Melly & Me. I used the basic pattern and changed the face and added the ribbon to the top of her head. I thought it would be a fun texture for little Sofia to touch. This was really FTS (fun to sew)! I did make 2 changes to the way the pattern is written. It's not that I am so much better at doing any of these things than the designers of these patterns, I'm just sharing what worked easier for me. First off, it easier for me to do the face details before you assemble and stuff the toy. The pattern has you adding the eyes after it's stuffed and I prefer to do that first. Also the pattern has you leave an opening in the side of the
Octopus' head for turning and you stitch it closed
 by hand after stuffing. I chose to leave an opening
at the bottom of the toy. There is less stress on that
 seam and it looks neater. I'm planning to make a
few more of these in different colors. I used
 chocolate brown flannel with pink polka dots for
 my Sofia. Who doesn't love an Octopus?
 I mean seriously?


  1. okay, I'll admit it. I will not ever make or give my kids or future grands an octopus. It's just so Bobby's World and I did not like that cartoon!!!
    I know, I know, I have issues!!! ;-)
    A Klingon targ, maybe..........

  2. i bet turning all those legs was a fun!

  3. look how perfectly shaped all those little legs are

  4. Oh my gosh....I have to make one of those for my niece...she'd love it. So cute. Thanks for sharing.

  5. It's adorable! I agree with your pattern changes the seam underneath is much neater and I prefer to do the face before too. I'm telling you, could could have a career as a pattern reviewer.

  6. I wonder if you could make this out of polar fleece too?

  7. Totally :) I plan on trying Minky fabric too. It's super easy. Fleece may even be easier because fleece is like the play-doh of the fabric world. It does whatever you want it to do :)

  8. Love the brown with pink polka dots! Am going to make one of these for my great niece :) Thanks for the link!

  9. WAY too cute! My daughter is making stuffies right now, I'll have to show this to her!! :)

  10. gorgeous very cute! i love making softies.

  11. Too cute :-)! As always Karen; thank you for sharing your creative insights to help make sewing easier for us beginners. I know when I show this to Kyleah she is going to ask me to make her one and off to the fabric store we will go :-)!

  12. As usual - way cute! Great job Karen!

  13. This is too cute! Thanks for linking up with Finished It Up Friday!