Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Merry Christmas!!!

Merry Christmas Everyone!!!
(are you getting your projects ready for the sew along?)

Thursday, December 12, 2013

After Christmas Sew Along 2014 is coming!!!

"After Christmas"??????
It's not even Christmas yet!

You're probably thinking that I'm crazy right about now,
but there is a method to my madness.
If you are anything like me,
 you are WAY behind
 on your Christmas crafting and sewing again this year. 
And all those really fun projects
 that you wanted to make for yourself and your own home
 got pushed to the backburner
 while you try to crank out those Christmas gifts for everyone else.
I've been ooohing and ahhhing over all the cute table runners
 and Christmas quilts I've seen all over the sewing blogs
 and wished in my heart
that I had the time to make one or two of them for me :)
Well....here's your chance!!!

Instead of an After Christmas Sale......
why not have an After Christmas Sew Along!

It's the perfect time of year to pick up holiday fabrics and notions
 at rock bottom prices 
and after Christmas you don't have the stress 
of getting things made by a certain deadline!

So here's the plan:
The fun starts Monday January 6th 
and runs through Friday the 31st.
I will set up a flicker group for you each week
to show off your fabulousness :)

This is NOT a talent contest!
Sewistas of ALL skill levels are welcome!

And YES...there will be awesome prizes!!!!
And NO....you don't have to sew Christmas items.
For 4 Fridays in January I will pick a winner at random 
from the flicker group and I'll post the winners the next day.
Even if you don't win a prize,
you'll finally have some new Christmas goodness for yourself!!!
So who's ready????

Tell all your friends!
The more the merrier!!!

I'm having trouble with my blog button,
but check back later and I should
have it all worked out :)

Oh...and please leave a comment
and let me know if you are planning
on joining :)

Friday, December 6, 2013

A Tiny Bit Obsessed.....

So I signed up for the "She Who Sews" Blog Hop

As soon as I saw the fabric we'll be using
I couldn't NOT join in.
What a fabulous excuse reason to buy it!
I'll admit I was smitten at first sight.
Am I a fan of Steam Punk?
No...not even a little bit.
But this fabric just calls to me.
The colors are perfection
and they match the colors of my sewing room!
The hop isn't until January
but as you can see I'm already stocking up :)

I just wonder if they used a photo of me 
for the green eyed brunette?

There is one other print that I am still waiting on.
It's multicolored buttons on a black background.
My brain is swirling with ideas!!!
In this hop we need to make items for our sewing room.
OH....I can't wait!!!

Thursday, December 5, 2013

A stolen moment.....

I've been sewing A LOT lately,
but nothing for myself in quite a while.
Last night I finished up a large custom order
and found myself with an hour to myself at the end of the day.
I've been wanting to make this "Tammy" bag
designed by Madam Samm of "Sew We Quilt"
ever since I took part in the Tammy blog hop.
You can see my first bag here.

It's a totally FTS (fun to sew) pattern
and I finished this project up in about an hour.
That didn't include the time to cross stitch of course :)
I stitched my pattern on Osnaburg and then 
used  lightweight iron on interfacing to give it some stability.

I found this pre-washed red and white polka dot linen on Etsy
and knew it would be perfect for this bag :)
These bags hold tons and I'm so excited 
to finally have a new home for my nail polish
and manicure supplies!

I don't often sew for myself so it's fun
to have something lovely all for me :)
Hope you find some time to sew for yourself too!!!

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

My little flock is almost complete :)

I finished up "Kindness" by LHN Sheep Virtues last night.
I'm so excited that I've kept up with this series.
I'm waiting for "Gratitude" to arrive
and then there is only 1 more after that!
These will become a table topper
featuring all 12 sheep.

There is a new series starting called "Calendar Girls".
I'm so tempted to start on that one.
We'll see :)