Sunday, January 1, 2017

Well "Hello" 2017

It's been such an amazing, tiring, emotional, wonderful, stretching,
painful at times, exciting and overwhelming year.
I sometimes think that stitching is my therapy.
I'm sure it keeps me as sane as possible....ha!

Jose and I attended our first retail show.
We were blessed beyond what we could have imagined
when we attended the Needlework Galleria in St Charles MO in October.
We purchased a trailer and headed out.
It was so much fun to meet some
of our sweet customers face to face.

Our sweet children came to Idaho to spend
Thanksgiving with us.
I love my Minions!!!
We got them all matching gloves and beanies
and I needed to buy them fun egg cups....right?
I also made them all new flannel pillow cases.
We found a little doll bed at our neighbor's yard sale,
and Jose painted it white
and I made all new bedding.
The girls had a good time playing with it.

We we are certainly loving our new home in Idaho.
The snow is a rare treat for us.
There was so much more to share,
but we've been swamped with business,
which is an awesome problem to have
but I am hopeful to try and stay updated on my blog.
Here's to a wonderful 2017!!!