Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Is it just me????

Is it just me,
or do you hang on to certain fabrics because
you love them so much you can't bear to cut into them?
I bought this stinkin' adorable coffee cup fabric
with the matching red polka dots
 (red & polka dots....shocker I know)
because I love me some coffee.
I planned to make myself a fun apron.
But lets' be honest here,
I probably wouldn't wear it because
I'd be afraid to get it dirty....
So I did the unthinkable....
I cut into my precious fabric.
My hope is that someone will love it
as much as I do :)

My nutritionist says that coffee causes a gluten response
in my body, so no more coffee.
I was "coffee free" for 18 months
and then decided that maybe the good Dr. was mistaken.
I mean how can something so fantastic 
be bad for me?
So I tried it.
After 3 days of morning coffee
my fibro pains came back.
A very good reminder of what
my daily life used to be.
So now I just have to settle for the smell of coffee
while my hubby gets ready for work in the morning.
I drink tea now.
Many kinds and flavors.
It's just not coffee......*sigh*
It never will be.......

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

A Little Love :)

My lovely friend Annie
sent me such a fun package for my birthday.
This chart "Wonderous Love" by Homespun Elegance
was one of the charts she included.
How blessed am I?????
I stitched it on 32ct white Belfast linen
and made it into a small pillow for my bed.

I must have been "feelin' the love" this week
because I also grabbed the stitchable needlebook
from my shop and decided to keep it for myself.
After all.....I needed one specifically for my 
embroidery and cross stitch needles :)

I used a freebie chart
and added the word "Love".
You gotta love the bluebirds of happiness!

Hope you are all having
a LOVELY week :)

Thursday, February 21, 2013

To Boldly Sew........

(A special "Thank You" to my hubby for letting me borrow his Kirk figurine )
Do you think the good Captain Kirk
did a bit of needlework in his down time
between saving the Universe 
and making out with alien goddesses?


Well I have a friend who is a MAJOR Star Trek fan
(you know, the kind of fan who wears the costumes?)
and she's been spending a lot of time stitching these days.
So what better gift to give her
for her birthday 
than a Trek themed project bag?????

Now where ever she goes
she can BOLDLY SEW :)

I used gold toned fabric with tiny stars 
and black linen for the accents.
I stitched across the top
and added ginormous gold rick rack.
(You know Kirk loves him some flashy gold rick rack)
I made the trek insignia out of wool felt for the zipper pull.

Thanks to Joann's for releasing the Trek fabric this year
I found the perfect lining fabric.

Happy Birthday Gena!!!!
(sorry it's a bit late)

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Covered in threads......

Ok.....I'm still here.....
just covered in thread :)
Makes me think of my home growing up.
My mom was always covered in thread
and come to think of it,
so was everything else in our home.....:)
I feel like I haven't had much to share
on my blog lately,
but I've been so busy.
Which (Praise God) is a very good thing.
I made these ruffled dish towels
to match an apron and pot holder set
that one lovely customer ordered.
I also finished up these Business card/ID wallets
for the shop.

Also a couple of stitchable needlebooks.

And more project bags and mug oranizers.
I've also been doing A LOT of cross stitch
in the evenings.
I really need to make some cute
pillows and things out of them.
What are you all up to these days?

Monday, February 18, 2013

Hugs & Kisses Winner!

First I'd like to Thank everyone
who took the time to share about
who they were inspired by!
I loved reading about all the special
woman in your lives.
I only hope that one day my granddaughters
will say that their "Nana" taught them to sew :)

I'd also like to Thank Madam Sam
and our Cheeleader Jane 
for another super fun hop!

Now for the winner:
The fat quarters and quilt pattern goes to:
Pauline from Quilt-n-Queen!

Congratulations Pauline!!!!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Hugs & Kisses Blog Hop and Giveaway!

Hello Everyone!
Welcome to Day 2 of the Hugs & Kisses Blog Hop :)
My project for today's hop
is a pair of dividers for my pots and pans.
My wonderful hubby gave me stainless steel
pots and pans for Christmas 
and there is NO WAY I'm letting my 
beauties get scratched!

And just in case any of you 
want to make a few for yourself,
I've written a tutorial for you
and you can find it HERE.

This one has a heart appliqued in the center.

And this one has a heart appliqued
in each of the 4 "petals" of the divider.

Here's a better look at them laying flat.

And here's a look at what I've been using up until now.
Not too pretty....I know.

And now on to the Giveaway for today!!!

Up for grabs is 3 fat quarters
of fun pink fabrics that made me think of Valentine's Day.
As well as a quilt pattern called Citrus Salad by Jillily Studio.

So who wants it?

All you have to do is leave me a comment
and tell me your first name and where you are from
and if there was someone in your life
who taught you or inspired you to sew or stitch.
( For me it was my Mom and Oma :)
It's been a while since I asked that
and it's always so fun to meet new people :)
You don't have to be a follower to enter
but you can leave me a SEPARATE comment
telling me you follow for a second chance to win.
You have until Sunday Feb 17th to enter
and the winner will be announce on Monday Feb 18th.
Good luck and I can't wait to start reading
about you all :)

And don't forget to check in with all the other
Hoppers today for inspiration and giveaways!

Monday, February 11, 2013

"I Heart Cooking" Pan Dividers Tutorial

In our on-going effort to eat healthier
I wanted to get rid of my non-stick cookware
in favor of stainless steel.
My fabulous hubby bought me a set for Christmas.
I Heart Them!
I do not want them to get scratched
so I've been using the cardboard dividers
that came in the box with them.
I was being green by using the cardboard.....right?
Not cute.......nuf said :)

I decided to make some dividers that would match my kitchen
and be so much cuter than the cardboard.

You'll need:
2 - 16" squares of fabric (or fat quarters)
1 - 16" square of batting.
Small co-ordinating scrap for applique
Large dinner plate or platter
Small plate for center circle
Marking pen
Wonder under
Perle cotton floss for applique 

It's best that you read through the entire tutorial
before you begin.

First I used a 13" platter.
My largest pan is 12" and this worked perfectly for me.
I traced the platter onto the wrong side of the fabric.

Next I divided the circle into 4 by drawing a line down the center
and then turning the fabric 
and drawing another intersecting line.
Now the circle had 4 equal parts.
(this drawing is just so you can see it easier)

I placed the smaller plate in the center of the larger circle
and marked where the straight lines intersected with the smaller circle.
These will be your "stop" and pivot marks.

Next I used a vitamin bottle top to draw rounded corners
at the top of the 4 dividing lines of the larger circle.

Next I stacked my fabrics.
The two fabrics should be right sides together
with the batting underneath.

Beginning at the top edge of the circle,
and sewing through all 3 layers,
I stitched 1/8" inside my marked lines
 stopping at the smaller circle and pivoting,
 then making 3 - 4 stitches then pivot again
and stitching back up again and continuing on.
Leave a 4" opening for turning.

This is what it will look like when you are done.

Using sharp scissors,
cut along your 4 dividing lines,
being careful not to cut your stitching.
Cut into the corners in a "V" shape.

Trim off excess fabric to 1/4" all the way around.

Turn inside out through your opening.
I use a wooden dowel for this.
I've accidentally cut my fabric when I've used scissors
to push out projects.

Once you have it all nicely pushed out,
press it being sure to press the open edges
to the inside.
Slip stitch the opening.

I did a 1/4" top stitch all the way around.
Those of you who have mad quilting skillz
can go crazy at this point
and quilt this little guy any way you like.

Take what ever shape you choose for your center.
I used a heart because I love them so :)
Fuse Wonder Under to the wrong side of scrap fabric.
Draw your shape onto Wonder Under
and cut it out.

I use a large pin to scrape a line gently
across the center of my applique.
This makes it easier to remove the Wonder Under
without distorting your cut fabric
by trying to peel it from the edge.

Just bend the fabric where the scratch is
and peel it off.
Easy Peasy :)

Position your applique in the center of your project
and press with your iron.

I used a blanket stitch with #8  Perle cotton floss
but you can use your machine stitching
or any other decorative stitching you like.
You could even go completely wild
and add some rick rack!!!
Now you're done :)
Admire your handiwork!

Friday, February 8, 2013

Fun times ahead!

Times have been tough for many families this past year
and our household has not been immune to it.
Clearly this has been a season to lean on the Lord
and know that He is in control.
We are in good health and have a roof over our heads
and food in the pantry.
I can't complain :)
I just kept thinking that this would be
the perfect time to really work
at growing my etsy business.
God is truly blessing my efforts 
and things are really starting to pick up.
I am so thankful that He has given me 
the ability to work from home
and that He just keeps opening up
new opportunities for me that I never saw coming.
I really believe that there are fun times ahead.

Today I've added a few more bags and organizers.
There are fun fabrics for those who craft with cats
(you know who you are :)
as well as Mary Engelbreit and Warren Kimball :)

Also I've added this darling set made with imported fabric
and quilter's linen that reminds me so much
 of Little House Needleworks.
This set can only be purchased through 

I've also started a Facebook page for Sewmuch2luv
(you can click on the link above on the left)
and I should have done it long ago.
I've met some really sweet people in such a short time!
I will be offering coupon codes 
and showing new items there,
so if you are interested in hearing about specials
and coupons please join me on Facebook :)

Monday, February 4, 2013

A Finish and A Winner :)

"Easter Peep" by With Thy Needle & Thread

Just finished my Easter Peep last night.
I love making the last stitch in a project :)
I changed out most of the colors
to suit my home.
I do love that little bunny of a stick.
Adorable right?
This little guy is going to be a little pillow.

So now on to the winner of the giveaway
of the Dare to Dresden Hop:

Congratulations to Msstitcher1948!!!!

Saturday, February 2, 2013

A "New" Old Love Affair

I know that I've mentioned before that I have a deep love
for my German Erzgebirge Nutcrackers.
So much so,
that they stay in a display case in my living room
all year long.
They are just too precious to put away.
(Yes....those are their legs in these photos)
Now I'll introduce you to my other deep love,
my flower girls.
My Mom brings home a new one for me
each year when she comes home from Germany.
I love the feel of the wood,
I love the cheerful little faces,
I love the bright colors.

Are they not perfection????

So imagine my joy when I stumbled across
Natalie Jo's ah-mazing artwork on etsy the other day.
I'm sure you can see why I have a "new" love affair!
She is right here in the USA :)
Her shop on etsy is called Piccalilli Patchwork.
She makes the most darling pincushions 
and miniature goodies! 
I fell in love with this darling pincushion,
but when I started looking at her previous works
I fell DEEP in love with "Maida".
She is a dark haired beauty 
that reminds me of my husband's Cuban heritage.
Unfortunately she was already sold....

Imagine my delight to find that Natalie Jo
has generously written a tutorial on her blog
on how to make my own!
You can purchase the doll components
already painted in her etsy shop!
I'm in heaven!
I also ordered a set of matching flower pins
that she also makes in her shop!

Look how carefully and lovingly she packaged
all my goodies! 

Can you see those tiny beads for buttons
and that is seriously the smallest gingham I've ever seen!
I squealed when the package arrived!!!

It's not very often that you come across a true artisan
that truly loves what they do.
Thank you Natalie Jo!
I can't wait to get started and I'll be sharing
my photos when Maida is complete :)