Friday, May 31, 2013

Final Day for the Pin it, Like it, Share it , Win it Giveaway!!!

Hi everyone!
Just a reminder that you have until tonight at midnight PST
We are up to 137 "likes" on Facebook
which means someone will win $13.70
 to spend in my Etsy shop.
The higher the number goes by midnight tonight,
the higher the dollar amount for the winner!
Check back tomorrow
to see who wins!

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Apron Time :)

I've been having some fun making aprons for the shop.
(Sewing them is so much more fun than the listing process.....)
I bought this darling birdhouse fabric
to make a project bag
and then I had to go back and buy
what was left on the bolt for an apron and potholders.
It just makes me happy :)

And this red fabric was calling my name for sure.
It says "Cafe Con Leche" on it.
My hubby grew up drinking that
for breakfast in Cuba :)
Yes, even children drink coffee over there.
Isn't it fun fabric?

These Owlies just HAD to come home with me.
I have no excuse......

And these modern cups and coffee pots
were just too cute to pass by.
Love the colors!

And last but not least,
I made a Mother/Daughter set of aprons
for a dear friend.
Why are tiny aprons just so stinkin' cute? 
I can't wait to see them wearing their aprons.
I hope she gives me a photo :)

Well now that the aprons are done
it's time to get started on the matching pot holders :)

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Lovely little "x" s

"Cottage Welcome" by the Cricket Collection
I hope you all had a lovely Memorial Weekend!
I don't have any military family,
but I am so thankful to all those who so bravely serve
(past and present) our country!!!

We spent a quiet weekend at home with the fam :)
Monday the hubs and I had a pajama jam day.
We slept late,
had a big breakfast and watched movies in our jammies.
It was devine!
Actually he watched movies and I stitched :)
I've made some great progress on the Cottage Welcome
and last week I finished "Courage"
which is #4 in the Sheep Virtues collection.
I can't wait for #5 to arrive.
I'm hoping the mailman brings it today :)
So what are you working on?

"Courage" by Little House Needleworks.

Friday, May 24, 2013

Gettin' there :)

Just in case anyone was wondering where I've been......
I've been right here,
cutting out 5 new aprons,
20 new project bags,
10 new mug organizers,
6 new pot holder sets
and a mother/daughter apron set :)
Are any of them done?
Nope, just cut out,
but I'm gettin there.....

Which reminds me
to remind YOU all that the
is almost coming to an end!
We're up to 125 likes on FB
so we're gettin' there :)
You have until Friday the 31st to enter.
Even if you have already entered,
you can ask your friends and family to
"like" me on Facebook to bring
the total higher for the money YOU can win 
to spend in my shop.
Your friends and family don't need to enter
the giveaway if they aren't interested,
but the more "likes" I receive
the higher the prize amount goes!
So spread the word this week.
I'm excited to give one lucky person
a fun shopping spree!
It might be YOU :)

Saturday, May 18, 2013

A little bit of custom ordered goodness :)

I seriously have the BEST customers!
I love the ones that tell me what they want
and then just let me go for it :)
How fun is this Vintage Army apron?
My sweet customer has a vintage Army poster
in her home
and now she has a matching apron :)

And she saw this darling tea pot fabric on an apron
I made a while back and wanted the same fabric.
Unfortunately I didn't have any more
and it's out of print.
I checked Etsy and Ebay
but no luck.....
But don't you just love the internet?
I was able to locate some yardage
from an online fabric store and "voila" :)
She also ordered matching pot holders.
It's always such a good feeling
when the orders are complete
and on their way to their new homes.

Ok....I hear fabric calling me....
let's see what's next on my list :)

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Do you see what I see???

Yesterday I took some time out
for a bit of retail therapy :)
Do you see new Aprons?
Cuz I do! 
Fabric just makes me happy.
Is it just me? 
Do you see new project bags?
Cuz I do! 

How about a few stash builders? 
And today I received my wool felt order in the mail...
Do you see new pincushions?
Cuz I do! 
Looks like it's going to be a colorful day :)

Friday, May 10, 2013

It's in the bag :)

Every time I'm out grocery shopping (no lie)
someone stops me to ask about my fun grocery bags.
I hand them my business card and tell them I have a shop on etsy.
But guess what?
I don't sell the bags they are asking about.
So I'm working on adding them to my shop.
I've tried several different bag patterns
and this one is my absolute fav!
It's by Michelle patterns 
and you can find it HERE.
I like to use canvas and denim
matched with fun cotton prints
to make the bags a bit more sturdy.

I love that they are completely reinforced with 2 rows of stitching
in every seam and 6 rows of stitching on each handle.
These suckers are sturdy and can carry a heavy load!
They are the same size as the ever popular "Target bag".
I don't know about you but someone at my house
always needs an empty Target bag for something.
I carry 10 of these bags in my car at all times :)
I was actually involved in a fun swap
with my girlfriends using this pattern
and I'll show you the ones I received
as soon as the last one arrives :)

I also love that they are completely reversible!
How cool is that?
They are great for carrying stuff to the pool
or the beach
or food to a picnic.
I use mine for craft supplies as well.
Just an awesome all around bag!

I'm going to list these in my shop for $25.00
plus 2.00 shipping in the US.
These bags are all one of a kind
and if you see one that you want,
email me and I'll put it aside for you.
I won't get a chance to list these until Monday.
I also have another 12 cut and ready to sew.
I guess it's official....
I'm now a Bag Lady :)

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

It's for the Birds Blog Hop

Welcome to day 2 of  "It's for the Birds" Blog Hop!
Thank you so much to Madam Samm for all her hard work
and to our Cheerleader Mary for keeping us all up to date :)
If you are interested in joining in on upcoming hops
just head over to Sew we quilt to see what is on the horizon!

A few months ago,
I came across this darling coffee mug
and I immediately thought of my sweet friend Denise.
(who is also sharing her talents today -be sure to check out her blog)
I bought it and stashed it away for her.
Her birthday is this month
and I knew right away that I wanted to make a 
matching mug rug to go along with it.
She loves little birds
and this one seemed perfect for her.
I can just picture her sitting at her desk
enjoying a warm cuppa
and it brings a smile to my face :)
When I saw that Madam Samm had announced a bird hop, 
I signed up as quick as I could.

It was fun finding little scraps of fabric
that would mimic the design on the front of the mug.

I appliqued the little pieces using a blanket stitch
to secure them.
There is a bit of back stitching and a few french knots as well.
I know it's small but it took about 4 hours
 of hand stitching to complete.

I love working on a project with a particular person in mind.
It's a chance to pour my love into it
and I know that she will appreciate it :)
Happy Birthday Denise!!!!

Don't forget to check out all these other talented sewistas
who are joining in the fun today
and showing off their amazing "bird" projects!

Monday, May 6, 2013

Hooked :)

Are you hooked on Crochet?
I'd like to give it a whirl.....
I had this fun Crobots book on my wish list
since the Christmas before last.
Yes....I've owned it for more than a year now.
Don't judge......:)
Still no cute crocheted robots,
but I'm confident that one day I'll get it done :)
In the meantime I made this fun Crochet Clutch
and you can find the free pattern 
from the Moda Bakeshop  HERE.

I used store bought double wide binding 
instead of making my own like the pattern suggests.
On the pattern, there was no mention of how to round
the corners on the bottom of the bag
so I used the cap to one of my large vitamin bottles
as a guide.

Also, there was no mention on how wide to stitch
the channels for the crochet hooks
so I came in 1 1/2" on each side 
and then 1" intervals in between.

It's a cool pattern and I love the zipper pocket
at the bottom and the clear plastic so you can see
what you've got in there :)
I chose not to make the optional  handle
and I used velcro instead of the magnetic closure
because I didn't have one in my stash :)

I'm happy with the way it came out
and I appreciate the talented women who share their
skills with the rest of us!

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Pin IT, Like IT, Share IT, WIN IT Giveaway!!!

In January of this year
I pledged to really work hard at growing my Etsy business
and take it from a hobby to a second income for our home.
I'm sure many of you have felt the crunch
of this economy as our household has.
I have been so blessed with awesome customers
and so much encouragement from all of you.
So now I'm asking for your help to share
about my shop with your friends and family
and I want to offer you a big "Thank You" Giveaway.

This giveaway will run all month long
from May 1st through May 31st.
Here's how it will work -
You'll have multiple chances to win!
You can do as many or
as few as you like.

1. Pin your favorite item on Pinterest
and leave a comment with the pin link .
2. "Like" Sewmuch2luv on Facebook
and leave a comment that you did.
3. Tweet about my etsy shop
and leave a comment that you did.
4. Share about this giveaway on your Facebook 
and leave a comment that you did.
5. Share about the giveaway on your blog
and leave a comment with the link.
6. "Like" Sewmuch2luv on Etsy
and leave a comment that you did.

And what will you win?
Well right now I have 91 "likes" 
on my Facebook page.
What ever that number reaches
 by May 31, 2013
will determine the dollar amount 
to spend in my shop.
For example,
if I get 300 "likes" the winner can spend $30.00,
if I get 400 "likes" the winner can spend $40.00.
The maximum will be $100.00.
(But who knows, if I might just feel generous and pick 2 winners :)

I also wanted to point out that "liking" me on Facebook
keeps you up to date on Specials and Coupon Codes.
Whatever the outcome,
I want to Thank each and every one of you
from the bottom of my heart.
You have blessed me more than you can ever know :)