Friday, January 31, 2014

A bit of handwork...

I can't believe that January is almost over.
How did that happen?
Today is your last chance to get your projects
posted in the Week 4 Flickr Group.
I will post the winner of the $75.00 gift certificate
to the Fat Quarter Shop tomorrow morning!

I spent last night doing some fun needlework.
I can't show you exactly what I'm working on yet
because I'm in a super fun blog hop next week.
Be sure to stop by on Feb 4th to see my completed project :)
And in the meantime,
click on the She Who Sews link on the right
to see all the cool projects so far!

Monday, January 27, 2014

Final Week is here!

 It's crazy how fast January has gone by!
I apologize for not posting much last week
and for the late post today.
I've been battling the flu
and haven't done much besides
veg out on the couch and stitch.
Between the low grade fever and annoying cough,
I've been exhausted for about a week.
"Country Sampler" Cross Country Stitching Magazine April 2005 - stitched on 32ct Lakeside Ivory Linen
The Flickr group for Week #4 is now open :)
Even if you haven't joined in the fun yet,
make sure to post your projects this week.
Who doesn't want to win a $75.00 Gift Certificate 
to the Fat Quarter Shop???

this is the last week to use these

Saturday, January 25, 2014

The Winner for Week #3 is......

The winner of this awesomesauce fq bundle
from is



Monday, January 20, 2014

It's Week #3 already!!!

I can't believe we are already beginning Week #3!
I hope you all had a lovely weekend.
I finally got around to packing up my Christmas decor....
My living room is suddenly larger :)

I hope you are all sewing fun projects
and I can't wait to see them!
Don't forget to take advantage of the awesome coupon codes
from our wonderful sponsors.
You can find them HERE.

The link for the Flickr Group for Week #3 is now open!

Just a reminder of this week's fabulous prize :)

One lucky winner will receive this stinkin adorable
Fat Quarter Bundle called "Just for Fun"
from SistersAndQuilters on etsy!
(I'm in love with this fabric....shhhhh)

Saturday, January 18, 2014

I'm feelin' the LOVE

So this is what I worked on last night.
I used the adorable charm pack 
of "Surrounded by Love" by Deb Strain
and I used a block pattern from the  book
"Another Bite of Schnibbles".
The block is called the Round About.
I did 16 blocks instead of 25 blocks
and I used the 1" strips left over after cutting the blocks
 for an accent between sashing strips.
I'm pleased with the way it came out.
I have some fun ideas on how I'll quilt it.
It measures about 30" square.
Great size for a table topper. 
I suddenly have a craving for foil wrapped chocolate hearts.......

The Winner for Week #2 is......


You won this adorable fat quarter bundle
from Janes Fabrics on etsy!

For those of you who didn't win,
don't forget to add your photos to next week's flickr group
for your chance to win!
I'll post the link on Monday for week #3 :)

Friday, January 17, 2014

It's Friday!!!

LHN "Home is Where the Sunflowers Grow" stitcher over 2 on 28ct Blue Monet Linen

Hope you are all having a wonderful Friday!
I'm excited to be sewing tonight :)
I finished up my cross stitch by Little House Needleworks last night
and I love love love it.
Not sure how I'll finish it just yet.
I guess for the time being it will join my growing stack 
of cross stitch pieces waiting .........

I also finished this fun apron this week.
I'm obsessed with this fabric.
Don't you just love the red bowls with polka dots?
I know I do :)

I received my charm pack from
Isn't it fun?
I'm going to make a Valentines Day table topper.
It's called "Surrounded by Love"  by Deb Strain.

I also rec'd my vintage buttons from
Those little wooden doll buttons just stole my heart. 
I have no idea what I'm going to use them for,
but they needed to come to my house :)
Don't forget to make use of the coupon codes!!!
You can find them HERE! 
And remember you have until midnight tonight
to add your photos to this week's Flickr Group.
This week's winner will be announced here tomorrow!

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Sewing = Happiness :)

I hope everyone is having a wonderful day!
I am actually home all day today :)
Just doing laundry,
 chicken soup is simmering on the stove,
and I have a beautiful day to sit and sew
with my beautiful Featherweight "Lizzy".
I don't have too many days when I don't have to go anywhere
with no errands to run.
Just quiet day at home.
I love it :)
I'll be sewing 2 aprons with matching potholders.

I also wanted to show you the first shipment of goodies 
I ordered from our wonderful etsy shop sponsors.
I rec'd these fun buttons and ribbon
from Little Red Cottage.
Don't let the wonderful coupon codes go 
before you get a chance to use them!

I have more goodies on order that should be here soon!
And don't forget to check out the fun projects
on this week's Flickr Group.
Click HERE to see them and show some love :)

Monday, January 13, 2014

ACSA Week #2 and My Evil Minion Moment

I'll give you too much some information about me
you might not know.
I don't always answer my door when someone knocks.
How very unfriendly of me....
There's no law that says I have to.

Case in point,
a few years back I was dying my hair
and bleaching my mustache
and wearing my stained old ratty tank top
(because of the hair dye)
and no bra 
and it was about 10:00am.
Suddenly there was a knock at the door.
I looked through the peep hole
to see the husband of a dear friend of mine
with his arms loaded with Christmas gifts.
I think I stopped breathing if he could hear me.
Needless to say,
I didn't answer the door
and this sweet man left our gifts on the back porch.

So you see, there are good reasons to not answer the door.

on Saturday my hubby had to work so I was home alone.
I walked the dog and came home and took a shower.
I got dressed and left the towel on my hair.
I had every intention of drying my hair and putting on make-up.
But I got sidetracked in my sewing room playing with my
Vintage Singer 128 machine.
I took the towel off my head
and proceeded to play with the shuttle bobbin.
Such a weird contraption, but I finally figured it out.
Suddenly there was a knock at the door
and I jumped up to answer it.
I looked through the peep hole to see
a friend of my husband's who has never met me.
I answered the door and he asked if Jose was at home
and after a few moments of chit chat he left.
About 20 minutes later I was walking past a mirror.....
I'm not exaggerating here,
I had no makeup
and my hair looked like I slept on a bus stop bench.
1/2 of my bangs had been pressed against my forehead 
from the towel and the other 1/2 stuck straight up,
True story.
I didn't know whether to laugh or cry.
Nice first impression right?
At least I was wearing a bra :)
I chose to laugh.
Poor guy.
He's probably scarred for life!
I told Jose when he got home
and he said I always look beautiful to him :)
Yep....he's a keeper.

After my less than stellar morning,
I decided to do a bit of piecing.
I grabbed a charm pack of "Delighted" by Riley Blake
and "Little Charmers 5" patterns
 that I bought from Fat Quarter Shop.
I paired it with some fun tiny hounds tooth fabric from my stash
and Viola!
I need to sandwich and quilt it,
but I love the happy bright colors!

So now on to the After Christmas Sew Along -
Have you ladies been using the great discounts
offered to us?
You can review them HERE
I've placed several orders myself
and I'll show you pics when all my goodies arrive.
I'd love to hear if you have been using the coupons.

We've got another great prize for one lucky winner this week
and the flickr group is ready for your creations!

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Winner of Week #1 ACSA is.......

Congratulations AMY!!!

WEEK  #1
Amy will recieve her choice of pattern
I'm deeply in love with that snowman runner.....
You need to check out her website 
for all her adorable patterns!

Also a $15.00 gift certificate to Zipit! Zippers

who is ready for next week's prizes???

Friday, January 10, 2014

Guilt Free and All For Me :)

How is everyone doing with your sewing projects?
I actually made the Christmas coasters I've been wanting
for my own home last night.
I've made Christmas coasters for family and for the shop
but I tend to feel guilty sewing for myself.
Anyone else feel that way?
I thought my first project with "Lizzy" should be something fun! 
I made this set of 8 Nutcracker coasters
just in time to put them away until next year :)
You know I had to add red and white polka dots....
What fun it will be to open the rubbermaid container
that houses my Christmas linens to find 
my new table topper and these fun coasters! 
Yesterday I used one of the coupon codes to buy some fun buttons
and trim from Little Red Cottage.
Don't forget to use the coupon codes
listed HERE
for awesome discounts!!!

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Some eye candy :)

I wanted to introduce you to "Elizabeth", Lizzy for short :)
She is the newest addition to our household
and I am totally in love with her already!
She is a Singer Featherweight from the early 1900's.
She has the most beautiful stitch quality
and she's so cute!!!
My insane wonderful friend Gena
wanted to swap this beauty for a quilt that I will make for her.
Yes....I do have the VERY BEST FRIENDS!
Look at that gorgeous face plate!!!
Isn't she lovely?
I did finally finish up the table topper
that I pieced 2 years ago 
during the After Christmas Sew Along.
It's so wonderful to have it finished up :)
I backed it in red and white polka dots.
Please try not to be surprised :) 
And I also wanted to show you my other beauty
that has joined my sewing room lately.
She is a model 127 Singer 3/4 size.
Her name is "Margaret", Maggie for short :)
She was born on July 3, 1923 according to 
Singer's email.
The wooden carrying case is gorgeous too.
Can you believe I bought her for $32.00?
I know right?
The hubs pointed her out at an antique store 
in San Juan Capistrano on a recent motorcycle trip.
I snatched her right up!!!
He wanted me to carry her on the motorcycle all the way home.
that didn't happen.
So we drove back the next day
in the suburban and picked her up.

These old machines are artwork.
The fact that they still work is a testimony
to old school workmanship.
They just don't build 'em like they used to folks :)

So now on to the sew along.
How is everyone doing?
I've seen some great projects over at the flickr group already!
Make sure to stop by the group and share some love :)
Even if you don't have pics to share just yet
please leave a comment today so I know
I'm not all alone over here!
Have a great day!!!

Monday, January 6, 2014

Week 1 - After Christmas Sew Along 2014

Hope you all started on a wonderful New Year!
So who is ready to sew?
I know I am!!!!
I'm getting ready to finally finish up this table top quilt
from the book "Scnibbles Times Two".
I used 2 charm packs of Countdown to Christmas
 by Sweetwater.
The quilt top is done
and now it's ready to be sandwiched,
quilted and bound.
(It's only been 2 years since I finished the top :)

Here's the link to the flickr group for week #1.

You have until Friday night to post your pictures.
I will announce the winner of week #1
here on Saturday :)
I can't wait to see your pictures!

You can click HERE
so see the list of awesome prizes
and don't forget to use those coupon codes!!!

Feel free to let us know about your blog posts
so we can all visit your blogs and read about
your progress!

Good luck and happy sewing!!!!

Friday, January 3, 2014

After Christmas Sew Along 2014 begins Monday!!!

I'm so excited about all the generous people who are
supplying us with discount codes and fabulous prizes
to make this a really fun month of sewing!
Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

The Details:
The fun starts Monday January 6th.

#1. Sew anything you like.
It can be Christmas themed or not.
I'll be sewing Christmas decor for my home
since I never have the time to do that.
Most of us are constantly sewing for others
 and seldom get the chance to sew for ourselves.
You can even get a jump start on gifts
for next Christmas if you want to.
It's totally up to you.

#2. Every Monday, begining January 6th for 4 weeks,
 I will post a link to a  flicker group
for you to share photos of your creations.
You are welcome to post pics of works in progress.
But only 1 photo per project will count 
towards the prizes each week.
(example....5 photos of same project = 1 entry)
Each Monday there will be a completely new group
for that week only.
A winner will be chosen at random every Friday evening
and I will post the winner on
this blog on Saturday.
You can join in at any time!

That's it....easy peasy!
Just have fun!!!

The following is a list of fabulous etsy shops
that are offering discount codes
to all participants during the course of the Sew Along:

 (coupon code) SEWMUCH2LUV is good for 15% off 
her already amazing prices on zippers!
 I buy all my zippers from Zipit!

(coupon code) SEWMUCH2LUV15 is good for 15% off 
any PDF pattern in her shop!
You have to check out her amazing patterns !!!

 (coupon code) SEW25 is good for 25% off the entire shop!
She has the cutest buttons and trims!
Her prices are already great and she has so much cute stuff!

 is offering 2 coupons! (coupon codes)
AfterXmas - Spend $50.00 or more on buttons and get 20% off
15PER - take 15% off any order - no minimum
She carries the most amazing vintage buttons! I'm in love!!!

is offering 10% off their entire shop!
(coupon code) SEWMUCH2LUV
Make sure to stop by their shop!
You can also find them at
The coupon code is active on both sites.
They have such lovely fabrics and their customer service is A+++

 Please note: these coupon codes do not include shipping 

And now on to the prizes!

WEEK  #1
One lucky winner will recieve their choice of pattern
I'm deeply in love with that snowman runner.....
You need to check out her website 
for all her adorable patterns!

Week #1's winner will also receive a $15.00 gift certificate to Zipit! Zippers
It's really the only place you'll ever need for zippers!
How cool is that?

One lucky winner will win this gorgeous Aqua and Red 
16 Cotton Quilt Fabric Fat Quarter Bundle
from Janes Fabrics on etsy!
This fabric just makes me happy!
Hop on over to her shop and check out her
gorgeous fabrics!

One lucky winner will receive this stinkin adorable
Fat Quarter Bundle called "Just for Fun"
from SistersAndQuilters on etsy!
(I'm in love with this fabric....shhhhh)

One lucky winner will receive a $75.00 gift certificate
to the Fat Quarter Shop!
Can you believe that?
I'm still amazed at their generosity!
Make you sure you hop on over to the Fat Quarter Shop
and start daydreaming about how you'll spend that $75.00.
Someone is going to win this 
and it might as well be YOU!

Well, there you have it!
I personally can't wait to get started!
I've been cleaning out my sewing room and organizing my fabrics and patterns.
 I just love the idea of sewing for the pure joy of it
and not having any deadlines or pressure!
So if you're interested in playing along,
spread the word!
The more the merrier!!!

And if you have the time,
please leave me a comment
and let me know what you are planning on sewing.

My little herd is complete!

I can hardly believe that I actually finished all 12!
I'm a habitual "never-finish-what-you-started" kinda girl.
But I'm super happy with my little "herd" :)
These darling sheep will become a table topper soon.
Here are the final 2 that I finished last week.
Gratitude and Joyfulness.
Perfect words for the new year! 

Check back tomorrow for all the details 
of the upcoming 
After Christmas Sew Along 2014!