Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Apron Time :)

I've been having some fun making aprons for the shop.
(Sewing them is so much more fun than the listing process.....)
I bought this darling birdhouse fabric
to make a project bag
and then I had to go back and buy
what was left on the bolt for an apron and potholders.
It just makes me happy :)

And this red fabric was calling my name for sure.
It says "Cafe Con Leche" on it.
My hubby grew up drinking that
for breakfast in Cuba :)
Yes, even children drink coffee over there.
Isn't it fun fabric?

These Owlies just HAD to come home with me.
I have no excuse......

And these modern cups and coffee pots
were just too cute to pass by.
Love the colors!

And last but not least,
I made a Mother/Daughter set of aprons
for a dear friend.
Why are tiny aprons just so stinkin' cute? 
I can't wait to see them wearing their aprons.
I hope she gives me a photo :)

Well now that the aprons are done
it's time to get started on the matching pot holders :)


  1. It would be impossible for me to chose a favorite! They are very cool. You do such a great job picking fabric for your aprons. And you're right, the child's apron is too cute!

  2. I love these! Your color combos are wonderful. You probably can cut and sew this apron in your sleep!

  3. Yes, sewing is sooooo much more fun than listing isn't it?!!! The computer and I are often at odds but I always make up because without it how would I see such sweetness as your aprons? Love that matching set!!!
    happy Wishes,
    natalie jo

  4. My favorite of the new aprons is the modern cup and coffee pot..... My daughter would love the owls. How many aprons are too many????? I just love them!

  5. I love AND wear you aprons on a daily basis

  6. Karen, I just got my weekly ad from Connecting Threads dot com and they have some new fabric that would be perfect for your aprons. Cute veggie fabric and their price is always right.

  7. I always LOVE your fabrics and the way you combine them - your goodies are all so pretty! I hope the mom of the mom/daughter apron duo sends you a picture and allows you to post it - I know I LOVE getting photos of my gifts being worn or used!

    My parents drank coffee but we were never allowed to taste or try it - it just wasn't done. My (Italian) husband grew up drinking coffee, and both my kids did as well - as they grew older, the percentage of milk dropped from about 99% to whatever their current level is, LOL. I still don't drink it so I don't even know how they take it :D I remember that the oldest one got really annoyed on a grade 5 camping trip when the teachers didn't believe he drank coffee, and wouldn't let him have any!

  8. it'd be hard to choose which one to bring home lol! I love them all!