Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Stitchy Goodness

I stitched up these 3 tiny owl pendants just for fun :)
I love to be creative, 
and just do whatever I feel like doing.
I guess it's just who I am.
I listed them in the shop today
and I hope they all find good homes.

I spent the morning sewing up these 8 new mug organizers.
They make such versatile gifts.
I enjoy picking the different fabrics
and combining them.

I realized the other day
that I make quite a few of these,
but I don't actually have one of my own.
Now these next 2 are my current favs
and I need to decide which one to keep.

The She Who Sews button fabric is adorable!
And the Primitive Pennies is super cute too.
AND they are both black and red.
Tough decisions :)
Which one would you choose?


  1. Lovely! The organizers are fun. I love mine. The buttons one is my favorite!

  2. love the owl with the flower eyes

  3. OH my goodness the little owls - they're so sweet! My eyes and gnarly fingers would be complaining about those tiny stitches :D Love the fabrics in the mug organizers - especially the dolphins!

  4. Love the owl pendants. The mug organizers are great too. It's nice to just create for the sake of being creative.

  5. Your mug organizers are adorable!!! Are you going to do a tutorial for us? Love the green dragonflies!!!

  6. You have been so busy at your machine! Love these mug organizers and will have to try to make one. I think they are all cute but love the melon colored one with dragonflies.