Sunday, January 1, 2017

Well "Hello" 2017

It's been such an amazing, tiring, emotional, wonderful, stretching,
painful at times, exciting and overwhelming year.
I sometimes think that stitching is my therapy.
I'm sure it keeps me as sane as possible....ha!

Jose and I attended our first retail show.
We were blessed beyond what we could have imagined
when we attended the Needlework Galleria in St Charles MO in October.
We purchased a trailer and headed out.
It was so much fun to meet some
of our sweet customers face to face.

Our sweet children came to Idaho to spend
Thanksgiving with us.
I love my Minions!!!
We got them all matching gloves and beanies
and I needed to buy them fun egg cups....right?
I also made them all new flannel pillow cases.
We found a little doll bed at our neighbor's yard sale,
and Jose painted it white
and I made all new bedding.
The girls had a good time playing with it.

We we are certainly loving our new home in Idaho.
The snow is a rare treat for us.
There was so much more to share,
but we've been swamped with business,
which is an awesome problem to have
but I am hopeful to try and stay updated on my blog.
Here's to a wonderful 2017!!!


  1. Karen it's so nice to hear from you - I'm glad things are going well for you - and that is a particularly sweet photo of your grandMinions - definitely something to be thankful for :) I wish snow was a *rare* treat for us too, but alas ... it's a visitor that outstays it's welcome most years, hehe. Wishing you a very wonderful 2017!

    1. I do adore my Minions :) We are anxiously awaiting the arrival of Minion #8. Joseph Robert is due any day now. I wish you a very Happy New Year!!!!

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  2. Happy New Year to you too chica!! I don't know how you get so much done, are magic. LOL
    Hope 2017 is as exciting and as happy as 2016 was!!

  3. Happy New Year, Karen! What wonderful pictures you shared and what a great shot of your Minions! Who is the designer for the 'moose' heart as well as the piece featured in the first picture about new beginnings? Enjoy your weekend!

    1. The New Year's chart is by Primitive Acorns on etsy and the Moose is from the Christmas Animals chart by Madame Chantilly. Happy New Year to you as well!!!

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