Friday, March 4, 2011

Mmmmm..... Chicken!

I've been waiting to post pictures of the Chicken apron I made for my swap partner Regena until she received it. I didn't want to spoil the surprise. We both got our aprons today and at almost the same time too! So here it is! I used medium weight denim and this really cute red chicken fabric.

I embroidered "finger lickin' good" on the pocket because she's sassy and it suits her :) I also made her a "Jane T Kluck of the Star Peck Hen-terprise" chicken pincushion. I'm sure you can guess that she is a Star Trek fan :) I also included a copy of my favorite cookbook, Peanut butter Chocolate eggs, and a tea bag holder. It's pretty funny but we both bought the same fabric for each other and still our aprons are totally different. Regena used my absolute favorite apron pattern and embellished it with 6 yards of rick rack!  How adorable is that...I mean seriously? She included Lindt chocolate chickies (Lindt is my fave!) and fun polka dot cupcake cups. She knows that I am planning 2 baby showers in the next few months and those will come in handy. She made me the sweetest little yellow chicken pincushion that will never be poked by a pin....EVER! I just want to carry it around with me :) There is a set of totally cute chicken salt & pepper shakers and a hysterical yellow chicken candy dispenser that plays the cymbals. Also a wonderful apron pattern for little girls that will get good use when my 2 new grand-daughters start playing with Nana in the kitchen! And last but certainly not least...she gave me a tube of "chicken poop" chap stick! How hilarious is that?
This will be my last apron swap for a while. I have tons to do before my 2 little grand-daughters arrive in May and June. Time to start sewing tiny girlie things......yippie!


  1. Regena hearts her apron. Regena really hearts her chicken!!!
    Soooo did you have the pattern and know it was your fave, or is it a new fave?

  2. It's my favortite pattern, but I don't own it. Every time I go to buy it, Joann's is out of that one. I'm so excited to finally have the apron I've been wanting :)

  3. If I see it, I'll get it for you. They only had one when I got this one. And they never have the 5 gallon bucket apron pattern...............ever!!!

  4. You two ladies had so much fun with this swap! The aprons are awesome! The chicken poop chapstick is too funny! I love the chicken pincushion!!! Is it your design or did you find a pattern for it? It's adorable!

  5. Jill....the chicken pincushion is my design :) I made her specifically for Regena.