Saturday, March 12, 2011

The writing is on the wall.....

I am not a super neat freak (that title remains safely with my hubby....but that's another story). Even the wall decal in my craft room reads "Creativity is Messy and I am Very creative". But I'll admit that there comes a time, even for me, that I have to de-clutter my space before I can go on to something new. I have a quilting project I'm so excited about starting and as you can see, I've hit my clutter saturation point. So this morning I'm rolling up my sleeves, popping in my Abba Gold CD, and I'm ready to get this party started!

UPDATE: So I took all the sewing items (fabric, notions, patterns) that were all over my desk and my couch and placed them on top of the sewing machine to start putting them back where they go and I found a kitchen towel with a snowman on it that was hiding under some fabric. It made no sense to me to go out to the garage and pull down the rubbermaid container that has my Christmas linens in it just to put this one towel away, so I decided to cover the snowman with some cute fabric and make it into a towel that I can use all year. I had a strip of chicken fabric left over from the apron I made for Regena and added some yellow polka dot fabric and "voila"!
Of course, now all my sewing stuff that was neatly stacked on the sewing machine is all over the floor.....but that's not really the point is it? :)


  1. not ABBA!!!! noooooooo
    Don't you have a Star Trek CD????

  2. I LOVE the decal and need one of my own! Have a great day and dance and sing! Then post a picture of the results!

  3. Denise, I found the decal on etsy. I added the link in case anyone is interested in getting one. I love mine!

  4. ABBA Gold sounds great! I tend to discover all kinds of half finished projects when I try to clean. I usually try to finish those projects so that very little cleaning or organizing gets done. So my space is perpetually messy.

  5. sigh, i know this saga all too well. love the towel idea!