Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Happy Day and Happy Mail!

Yesterday was a Happy Day indeed!
Our little princess Sofie turned 1 year old!
(although I'm not really sure how that is possible
because I haven't aged a bit since she was born :)
We spent a wonderful day at Disneyland
to celebrate with her Mommy, brothers,
Auntie, cousins and Nana (of course)
She's going to have a fabulous birthday party
coming up in the next few weeks.

And as for the Happy Mail.....
 I received this super fun and colorful mug rug
from my swap partner "Cass the Coolest"
all the way from Australia!
Thanks so much Cass! I love it!!!
And if that wasn't enough,
today I received some beautiful linens
that I ordered from Crazy Annie's Stitchin.
She was having an awesome sale
so I got these at 35% off!
( I strive to never pay full price for anything!)
Also my wonderful hubby bought me
a walking foot for my sewing machine for Mother's Day
and it arrived today too!
I can't wait to play with it!

Last but not least,
this is a fun summer sampler by Bent Creek
 that I am currently stitching.
I'm using buttermilk linen instead of the
dirty linen they used.
I purchased all 4 seasons of the "soapbox" designs.
I'm hoping they will all be cute when they're done :)


  1. lots of fun, lots or work and lots of love. Sounds happy to me!!

  2. My how time flies! What a little cutie :) Love your squishie mail too.

  3. You're welcome, happy birthday Sofie!

  4. Happy Birthday Sofie! She's adorable! and it's always fun to get fun mail!

  5. How time flies!! Sofie is sew cute!! My first granddaughter just turn 2 months old!! Robin Rita is a real sweetie too!!

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