Sunday, May 20, 2012

Busy Saturday and a Tusal update :)

There are days that I feel like I get absolutely nothing done,
and other days where I'm surprised by what I manage to accomplish.
Yesterday was a good day.
My machine was hummin'
and all was right with the world!
I used my new walking foot for the first time
and made these fun pot holders
using the free tutorial on Sew4Home.

I was dancing around in my sewing room singing
"I'm walkin on sunshine...yeah
and don't it feel good!"
It's a very good thing you couldn't hear me :)
I leave the singing in the family to my son and daughter in law!

If you read this blog often, you know that I tend to
get on a roll making one project
and before you know it I've made 49 more.
So of course I had to make 3 more taggie blankies too!

I also whipped up 6 coasters as a little anniversary giftie
for my son and his bride.
They've been married 12 years today!
Awesomesauce, right?

I used this free tutorial from Sew4Home.
They are totally FTS (fun to sew)
and I"ll be making more for myself!

And last but not least,
it's time to post my Tusal (Totally Useless Stitch Along)
and show my ORT jar (Old Ratty Threads)

Hope you had a chance to be crafty this weekend too!


  1. Lovely sewing projects Karen and thank you for sharing the tutorial links. I just went and bought some coasters for our house. I didn't even think to make my own. LOL. Your TUSAL jar looks great. Enjoy your week. :)


  2. wow, you were awesomely busy! love the potholders!

  3. wow, you were awesomely busy! love the potholders!

  4. My my,you have been very busy,and all such lovelies! Have pined the link so that I can make some of those retro pot holders too!

  5. your tagies blankies are adorables, love the fabric you used.

  6. oh you make such beautiful things! I love everything you've made and I'm glad it makes you so happy!