Thursday, October 4, 2012

Just checkin' in :)

I'm working on a Christmas ornament :)
What are you guys up to?

I wanted to remind everyone that you don't have 
to have a completed project to post pics
for the Handcrafted Holiday Sew & Stitch Along.
You are welcome to post pics of your work in progress!
You have until tomorrow at midnight
 to upload your pictures. 
Also, I need to point out that there is only one
flickr group for Week #1.
I had a computer glitch when I set up the link
so please make sure you post your pics 
only to the group titled

If you have already posted pics to the group titled
Handcrafted Holiday Week #1,
please re-post them to the correct group.
As of this moment,
there is only 1 entry for cross stitch
and zero entries for crochet.
It would be sad to have no one to claim the prizes
for Week #1.

Come on ladies....
let's see what you are working on!
Also, check out the flickr group
 and see what has already been posted.
Share some love and encouragement!

Have you been checking out the shops
that have generously offered discounts?
I know I'm working on an order today :)

Also, don't forget to hop over to
Sisters and Quilters for their charm pack giveaway!
Become a new follower and leave a comment
for a chance to win an awesome charm pack !!!


  1. Your little Christmas bird is a cutie! I wish I could still do cross-stitch - my hands are usually too cranky to do the "fine" work now.

    Next up on my To Do list is whipping up a couple of fabric gift bags before we go away for the weekend - that should be good to bust a yard or two of stash! ;)

  2. Love your little birdie! And don't worry, I will be posting pictures soon!

  3. That's just adorable. I've acutally been stitching a few ornaments myself.

  4. Hi Karen, me again! When you say Midnight tomorrow, is that Friday or Saturday??

  5. I will be working like a one arm paper hanger tonight :-)! I have not sewed a doggone thing since Aaron arrived. He left yesterday morning 'sew' I will be sewing like a fiend this evening.

    Christopher needs things for Baby Bear 'sew' I will be making blankets and bibs tonight :-)! I will post photos as I go :-). Oh, I am going to step out in faith and attempt to sandwich and bind my Baby Bear quilt. We will see how that works out ;-).

  6. What a cutie this is and you're already in Christmas spirit (guess I'm not the only one and halloween still needs to come).
    Miss T.