Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Altered states.......

(you may be wondering what happened to my head....
well with wet hair and no make-up
there is NO WAY I'm posting that picture :)

Back in the day 
before I started shopping in the plus sized dept,
I used to sew all my own clothes.
Everything fit and I was always so proud of myself.
I made all my children's clothing as well.
But the thrill was gone
when I started sewing in the larger sizes.
I hate altering patterns.
My Mom is a now retired professional seamstress.
It was just always easier to give her the pattern
and the fabric and let her do her magic :)
Today I decided to jump back into the 
"sew your own clothes" pool.
Luckily for me the pattern I chose
had previously been altered by my Mom.
She made a dress like this for me years ago.
I used this wonderful cotton pique fabric
that I've had in my stash for-ev-er.....

I used McCall's 8788 view C.

I don't know if you can see what she did with the pattern.
She measured from the top of my shoulder 
to the point of my breast.
(nipple is just a weird word)
Then she measured that same distance on the pattern.
Sadly my breasts were about 3" lower :(
She cut out the bust line darts 
and moved them down about 3 inches,
then she moved the long torso darts down 
the same distance.
Can you see the red dots?
My "girls" would have to live directly under my chin
for this pattern to fit the way it is drawn.

So thanks to my Mom
I now have a new dress
and who doesn't need a classic little black dress?


  1. Looks fabulous Karen! Great job! :)

  2. It looks wonderful Karen. Now that I too am a plus size I have been making my clothes. Mostly skirts and I buy affordable tops to combine them.

  3. great job. and great that your mom is a pro

  4. Count me in with the "warm knees while typing" crowd :D Beautiful dress - doesn't it feel great to wear something that fits so nicely - and looks fantastic!

  5. Excellent job Obi Wan. Oma is Yoda :-)!

    You look wonderful in the dress :-)!

  6. The dress looks lovely Karen, but no way are you plus size! You've got a lovely figure! I'm still in my mid thirties and my boobs rest on my knees!

  7. I have missed seeing all your wonderful creations. I am trying hard to get back into the swing of blogging. Your dress looks fabulous. I do understand why your head is missing. I can now understand why your stitching is so wonderful you must have gotten it from your mom.
    Teresa's Heartfelt Stitches

  8. Very elegant! Your mum did a great job making the dress your dress!