Monday, June 24, 2013

My Man :)

It's been such a busy few weeks that I totally forgot to share 
the annual Father's Day card :)
This year I decided a Lord of the Rings theme was in order.
It's fun to have 2 girls that get added into the mix these days.
I wonder what the grandkids will think one day 
when they are older and see all the cards.
I know they loved it last year when they were all Minions.
(To see the cards I've made for previous Father's Day click HERE
and HERE)
The hubby was a happy camper. 
He said I outdid myself this year :)
I'm just glad he is happy with it.

On Saturday the hubs actually had a day off for a change,
so we headed out on the motorcycle
for a day filled with Swap Meets and a yummy lunch.

I used to think that at one point you'd just run out of things to talk about,
but after 37 years together, we never run out of words.
Who knew?
I love this man
and I am so blessed :)


  1. HAHA great card - and great motorcycle momma photo, wooooooooohoooooooooooo!! 37 years = something to be VERY proud of - congratulations! Hubby and I like to go to tractor pulls - the kids have no interest so it's just him and I having fun :D

  2. Great card this year! And yes you are blessed with a great man!

  3. The card is terrific :-)! And, yes you are truly blessed. Jose is a wonderful husband, father and Papa :-) ♥!