Sunday, February 19, 2012

Friday Night Sew In #11

So here is my work in progress from this Friday night.
I'm almost finished with this little dress for Evie.
I'm also making one for Sofie and
they will have matching hats....of course :)

And since I had so much fun making
the Hometown mug rug for my Mom,
I decided to make one for my daughter as well.
She recently wrote a lovely blog post
about how much she loves her home,
so that inspired me to make
her mug rug with a little house on it.
I added a fun little Sweetwater label
that says "Home Sweet Hometown" :)

Hope you all had a lovely weekend!


  1. the dress is so adorable..and so does the mug rug :)..I used the Hometown line for a paper-pieced heart and love how it turned out.

  2. total cuteness!! Can't wait to see the girls all dressed up for a day at the beach with nana.

  3. The dress is awesome!! Evie has the most perfect leggings to go with it, too!! :) And I just LOVE my mug rug!! It could not be more perfect :) And it sits out on my end table at all times so that anyone who might come over can see it and drool over it ;) I love you, momma!

  4. Cutest mug rug, EVER. I love that fabric line, and just ordered some of it recently. The dress is so cute, too! xo

  5. What a beautiful dress. It's a shame my 20 year old daughter doesn't wear those anymore.

  6. Love the little dress and can't wait to see the hats. I have been buying cute "girly" material for my little ones to make them matching dresses this summer. So fun! and of course the mug rug is wonderful!