Friday, July 5, 2013

My latest obsession.....

Have you ever seen something
and before you know it
you're obsessed with it?
That's how I feel about the amazing skills
of Michelle Palmer.
You can find her HERE. 
I knew instantly that I needed to own
some of her ah-mazing artwork.
Can you believe that she draws these
illustrations with pen & ink on muslin?
I know right?
These are not prints,
they are hand drawn works of art!
I can't get over the detail!
Just look at those eyes!!!

I decided to make Limited Edition bags
featuring her amazing artwork.
She was gracious enough to give me the go ahead
so here they are.
Faith, Hope and Love is already sold
and the other 3 are listed in my shop.

I've already gone back and ordered 2 more sets of drawings.
I hope these sell quickly so I can buy some more!!!


  1. total cuteness...wonder if she does sci fi??

  2. Those are really beautifully done. Her work is amazing.

  3. Oh, I love your pretty bags and I'm a big fan of Michelle's art! I went to your Etsy store and saved it in my favs! Hugs!

  4. My goodness, those are stunning! I absolutely love her style and would buy out her whole shop if I had a big enough allowance! Your bags are beautifully made, as always, and you've found the perfect fabric combinations to highlight and coordinate with the drawings.

  5. SO talented! Absolutely astounding, so gorgeous! I love these bags, so cute!
    xoxo Kim

  6. Your little bags are sew adorable and coordinated. The addition of Michelle Palmer's precious drawings is brilliant. Creative Hearts are Happy Hearts...

  7. The beautiful artwork is a lovely addition to your bags.