Tuesday, July 23, 2013


"Cottage Welcome" by The Cross-Eyed Cricket stitched 2 over 2 on 30ct R & R Reproductions "Morning Fog" linen. 
Feels like forever since I posted a finished cross stitch piece.
I stitched my final "x" last night and couldn't be happier :)
I love love love this one!

I love the design, but wasn't loving the color choices.
Too much lavender and gray for my home.
I've been asked for my color conversions
and since it wasn't a straight out substitution
I thought this would be the easiest way to 
share my changes.
Anywhere you see DMC 3821 on the chart
I subbed DMC 321
because I liked the brighter red. (shocker right?)
I also switched DMC 920 for the DMC 977.

The rest of the substitutions are as follows:

For the watering can I subbed out DMC 321 for the DMC 645
and DMC 648 for the DMC 523.
I also added the 3 white hearts.

For the geraniums I swapped DMC 321 for the DMC 3831
and for the flower pot I swapped DMC 301 for the DMC 977.
For the birdhouse roof  and chevron designs,
I swapped DMC 3821 for the DMC 648.
I also made the chimney solid DMC 321.
For the geranium leaves
I swapped DMC 3346 for the DMC 902.

For the stars I swapped DMC 321 for the DMC 3041
and the center of the stars
 I swapped DMC 3821 for the DMC 523.
In the star above the tree I also used DMC 931.

Here is a close up of the stars in the center of the letter "C".
I used DMC 321, DMC 3821, DMC 931 and DMC 932.

And for the basket I used Gentle Arts "Maple Syrup"
instead of DMC 645.
I just thought a basket should be brown and not gray :)

I hope that helps.
Now I need to get back to stitching my Sheep Virtues.
I started #5 last night and I have 6 & 7 waiting in the wings :)


  1. LOVE this, Karen, and I love your color changes. :)

  2. As always your latest crafty creation is BEAUTIFUL :-)! Your stitching is virtually perfect! Just looking at this makes me feel 'Welcome' by you! A very nice addition for you home!

  3. What a summery stitch! Love it :) Congrats on your beautiful finish!

  4. I can so see this in your house. great job

  5. Beautiful , i love that. I used to crossstitch, hav't in a long time

  6. I love it! Love how it turned out.

  7. Your project is very pretty. I loved the bags from an earlier post.

  8. I love this one! The colors are bright and cheery!