Friday, September 20, 2013

A Perfect Day to Start a Quilt :)

I've been so busy with the shop lately
that I haven't had any time to quilt at all.
Well today that will change!

I promised to make a quilt for my darling 
grand-daughter Sofie a while back.
I thought it only right that I finish it before
she starts college. (She's 2 now :)

My beautiful DIL chose this free pattern
from Riley Blake.
Can you believe that they offer over 100
free quilt patterns? cool is that?
You can find them HERE.

The fabrics she chose are just so yummy!
I have my templates cut out.
I have a big pot of Teeccino brewed.
(Teeccino dandelion g/f coffee replacement)
I have a new blade in my rotary cutter.
The weather has finally changed to cooler temps.

Lets do this!!!


  1. It will be adorable! I hope it comes together quickly for you and Sophie!

  2. ahhhh, nothin like a new blade in the old rotary cutter. Have fun doing something for fun

  3. Oooohhh! Lovely color combo and darling pattern! Can't wait to see it all finished.

  4. So much fun! It is going to be so pretty with your fabric choices!!

  5. LOVE the colors! I bet Miss Sofie will be tickled pink with the quilt her Grammie made for her. :)

  6. Ok! Looking forward to this. Very fun pattern

  7. You go girl :-)! I cannot wait to see the finished quilt :-)!

  8. You go girl :-)! I cannot wait to see the finished quilt :-)!