Friday, December 6, 2013

A Tiny Bit Obsessed.....

So I signed up for the "She Who Sews" Blog Hop

As soon as I saw the fabric we'll be using
I couldn't NOT join in.
What a fabulous excuse reason to buy it!
I'll admit I was smitten at first sight.
Am I a fan of Steam Punk?
No...not even a little bit.
But this fabric just calls to me.
The colors are perfection
and they match the colors of my sewing room!
The hop isn't until January
but as you can see I'm already stocking up :)

I just wonder if they used a photo of me 
for the green eyed brunette?

There is one other print that I am still waiting on.
It's multicolored buttons on a black background.
My brain is swirling with ideas!!!
In this hop we need to make items for our sewing room.
OH....I can't wait!!!


  1. I am enchanted with Steampunk when done well and this fabric is fabulous. I am coveting getting some of this. Looking forward to seeing what you make and share in the hop. December Delights...

  2. oh. I think the queen of novelty prints needs some of this fabric can't wait to see what you make

  3. I love that line too and I could´t stand Madame Samms challenge this time too. I have ordered the fabric from US, as I will not find the fabric here in Sweden yet. It will take at least half a year until the local quilt shops will get the fabric.
    But I haven´t any ideas yet what to sew, but they will come. The design is fabulous. See you in the coming blog hops.