Tuesday, March 31, 2015

It's Shark Week!!!

My sweet Caleb turned 9 years old on the 22nd.
It's so crazy how fast children grow.
Amazing that I don't seem to age at all....HA!

He's been asking me forever....FOREVER
for a shark.
I stumbled across McCalls M7103 a few weeks before his brithday
and I knew I had to make it for him;
(His dad, my son, isn't all that excited about a huge shark in 
their small home, but hey, that's what Nana's are all about...right?)
Just look at that face!

Now his big brother Elijah wants a Hammer head shark......
I can already see my son's face when I show up with that "little" beauty :)

Even my hubby got in on the fun!

Now I need to finish up Sofie's quilt this week
and I'll show you pics of how adorable the quilting turned out.
Have a lovely week!!!


  1. Awesome shark! I don't think I would have enjoyed stuffing it though. LOL

  2. HAHA I'm with Denise - it must have taken a lot of stuffing to fill that bad boy! He's adorable, and all the boys sure look like they're having fun with him :D I did shark gift sets for a bunch of the great nephews this past Christmas, but my stuffy was a lot smaller than yours!

  3. That is sooooo awesome. Definitely best nana award worthy.