Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Owl Needlebook Tutorial

Back in July of 2014
I was invited to be a part 
of the Creative Troupe for C&T Publishing.
They publish wonderful craft and quilting books.
It's a really fun opportunity for me
 to get to play with new products
before they are released to the general public.
The hard part has been keeping it all very quiet all this time.
I'm not very good at keeping secrets  :)
Today I received the email that said
we can finally show off our projects!
I recieved a roll of Kraft -tex in chocolate brown.
(you can find it here)
What is Kraft-tex you ask?
It feels like construction paper 
and it is actually made of paper,
but after you wash it something amazing happens.
Yes, I said wash it.....in the washing machine.
It takes on the characteristics of leather.
The more you wash it, the more "leather-like" it becomes.

I washed mine and dried it in the dryer 4 times.
It's sturdy and easy to work with.
You can sew it and cut it and paint on it.
The possibilities are endless!
It's just plain awesomesauce.
You can find my Owl Needlebook as
well as the other fun projects submitted on Pinterest.

You can also print the tutorial for my Owl Needlebook
 by clicking on the green print bar 
on the lefthand side of the page.

Happy Crafting!!!


  1. He is adorable! Great tutorial! Wow - you are so famous! Been published three times now? Congrats and blessings to you my friend!

  2. Karen congratulations - I would have had a hard time keeping that a secret too, lol! Your little owl is adorable, and of course I had to go check out the Kraft-Tex page you linked to - happily, Amazon.ca carries it (and it's Prime eligible) :) Can it be pinned, and can it pressed when you're working with it? How thick is it after it "leathers up"? Would it be machine or hand washable afterwards (if it wasn't painted or something, lol)? I just followed the Pinterest board you linked to - there's a nice variety of projects there - very inspirational!

  3. You inspire me to be creative!! Thank you ! Happy to be able to call you my friend! You are never far from my mind!!

  4. Pretty Cool Stuff Karen! Congrats on another venture! You are amazing!

  5. Love your needle book. I know it is hard keeping such a good secret like this one. That stuff is so cool. Thank you so much for sharing.