Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Getting ready....

In 5 short weeks we will leave for CA.
My mom is turning 80 and we will be having
a party to celebrate her with all our friends and family.
We will be leaving CA the next day
 to drive to St Charles MO. for the Needlework Galleria.

This will be our first Needlework show as a vendor.
I used to travel for work years ago
attending trade shows twice a year
but this is the first time it will be for SewMuch2Luv.
We are excited to see how it goes.

We've been busy getting things ready.
We now have more than 60 stitchable stockings,
170 side kicks, 40+ Lil' Big Bottom Bags
and I'm currently working on the larger bags.

In between I've been working on regular orders
as well as custom orders.
I always love doing custom work.

And I have to show you the garden my hubby planted for me :)
Our 12 foot sunflowers are almost at 6 foot now
and the pumpkin patch has flowers,
so we are on our way!


  1. Well - I managed to get out of bed this morning and I even combed my hair! *drumroll please* !!!
    LOL your projects are lovely - especially that tealy set with the sweet bird print in the lace - lovely! Your sunflowers are awesome! With the heat we've had and the lack of rain, our garden isn't doing very well - I've only gotten about a dozen or two grape tomatoes and half a dozen cucumbers - the rest of the tomatoes are still very green, and nowhere near ripe enough to pick. I don't think it will be a very good harvest this year! It's only a small garden, mind you, but we're usually inundated with produce by this time of the season!

  2. wow, did you ever think your life would end up like this 18 short months ago? amazeballs

  3. Karen, your projects look fabulous. Will you be adding the stockings to your Etsy after the show in Missouri? I recognize the gray floral custom set. Your sunflowers look fabulous. Enjoy your weekend!

  4. Replies
    1. We did so amazing! Sorry for not responding sooner. It's been crazy here. Thanks for asking!!!