Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Wearin' My Birthday Suit :)

Wow.....1/2 a century! How did that happen? 50. It's a big number. It's a good number :) Pretty soon I'll be able to wear fun hats and gold shoes and not care what anyone thinks! I've always admired older women who dress just for themselves. You know the ones.......they always look like they are going somewhere special....even if they are just waiting for a bus? For most of us while we're young, we can get so tangled up in what we "should" look like or trying to fit into the mold of what everyone else is doing. I'm looking forward to the "everyday is a party" phase of my life. Bring it on! I'm sooo ready! 

And I'll bet you are ready to see who won the random giveaway?
The winners are:
#5 - Amy
#6 - Jayepea
#8 - Torkmonkey
#11 - Jillytacy
#13 - Mary Lea

Congrats ladies! Please go to my profile and email me your names and addresses.....and then watch your mailboxes :)


  1. WOO HOO!!! I won!!! What a great early birthday present for me =) And it would be truly sad if you didn't have my address so I think I'm safe there ;) Happy birthday, mama! See you soon!! Don't forget to bring the cake! Mmmm....

  2. WOO HOO from MEEE TOOOOO! Also Thank you too!!! Also Happy Birthday to you! Happy 50th! Mine is upcoming too but mine will be #53......a little closer than you to the gold hat and shoes days!!!

  3. Happy birthday and dang!!!! I even signed in twice!!

  4. wooop wooop :D yeah thank you so much and Happy Birthday.

  5. Happy birthday!!! I hope you had a wonderful birthday! I'm beyond excited to win! You make the most beautiful things and random surprise mail will be so much fun! Thank you!