Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Adventure is Out There!

As a family, we go on a get-away every year in February and this year is no different. I got the idea to make Adventure Belts for the boys a few months ago and I've been collecting components for them ever since. I wasn't quite sure what material I was going to use for the belts themselves. I thought about felt, but changed my mind because it wouldn't really hold up well. Then I thought about denim and maybe using a heavy iron on interfacing to stiffen it up. Then the other night when I couldn't sleep....again.... (thanks peri-menopause) I started designing the belts in my head and I remembered that I bought a few yards of chalk cloth a few years back to make some chalkboards for the boys and I never used it. I decided that it would be perfect! It has the feeling of vinyl upholstery fabric. I edged the chalk cloth in bias tape with a tight zig zag stitch to soften the sharp edge as well as keep it from curling up and it also color co-ordinates with the accessories that go in the belt. For the actual "belt" I bought one yard of colored webbing in all 3 colors and D-rings to make the belts adjustable. Each of the boys has their own color so that there will be no confusion or fighting later on. Each belt holds a large magnifying glass that has a removable handle so that you can collect bugs inside the tube :) Also an adventure journal with a pen, a retractable measuring tape and a flashlight. Each boy will also have a pair of binoculars, but those will go around their neck and not on the belt. If my boys weren't so skinny, I could probably have fit another compartment on the belt, but I didn't want the belts to go completely around their body :) I'm hoping to have some fun pictures of my little adventurers wearing their belts very soon! My hubby wanted one for himself. So if one of the big boys like the belts, chances are good that the little boys will like them too!


  1. they are gonna be soooo cute and have soooooo much fun! You are the bestest g-ma ever!!

  2. Cute...cute...cute...Have a fantastic time!

  3. Great idea! It looks like they had a fun time with these on their vacation! They are so lucky to have such a talented and crafty Nana!