Monday, April 25, 2011

Live long and prosper.....

The week before last I made a set of felt Star Trek Peeps for a giveaway that ended this weekend.  My secret was that I made another set, a more personal set, for my dear friend Regena :) All week long she was telling me how much she loved the Peeps and how she wanted to win them. I was just hoping that the Random number picker didn't  pick her number because this set of 3 was made especially for her. She had mentioned before that she wanted an Evil Spock (with the goatee) and I even added a bit of "augmentation" to Uhura :)

 Let me tell you what kind of woman she is........if you mention that your church is going to make pillowcases for an orphanage.....she whips up some pillowcases and sends extra fabric as well.
If you mention that you are having a bad day.....she insists that you come over for bacon and biscuits that she is making from scratch.
If you have a question about sewing....she will whip up a tutorial for you to help you understand it.
If you are in need of prayer.....she is the go-to girl.
If you find yourself in a knife fight...she's got your back!....OK...maybe that last one was a stretch....but you get the idea!
She finally got them in today's mail so I can show them to you! It's nice to know that Kathy, the winner of the actual giveaway and Regena will take good care of my little creations! Live long and prosper in your new homes my Peeps!


  1. I love, adore, cherish, delight in, them!!!
    The are thee bestest ever!!! EVER!!!!!!

  2. Congrats to the winner & the Go-to-girl :)!

  3. So happy the peeps are finally delivered! That Regena is. Pretty awesome

  4. I would be there in a knife fight. Apron on, spatula in hand......maybe a a cute little .380 in the other....

  5. Regena is the best! She's one of those "I'll help you bury the body" friends. ♥♥♥ U girl. Oh and the peeps are cute too...

  6. I do have a tractor with a digging attachment and 10 acres in the middle of rice fields...easy peasy

  7. Sounds like a great friend. Your peeps are so evily cute. Is that a word? Evily? Anyway, adorbs!