Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Happy Camper Quilt Update :)

Yesterday was such a lovely relaxing day. I was able to finish up the quilt top and the backing for my Happy Camper Quilt. Today I'll be working on the embroidered label for the backside and then I can sandwich this little beauty and start on the hand quilting. I realized that the sandwiching part is definatley not my favorite! I can't imagine that anyone actually likes that part of it. But it is definately worth the trouble when it's all finished!

I've been searching for the perfect quilt pattern for our bedroom. I have the fabric, but I just couldn't make up my mind on the design. I think I've found one that I really love:
I know that I've only done 2 baby quilts and now a throw sized quilt, and I'm definately most likely outside of my mind......but I think if I go slowly I could actually do this without hurting myself or others....
Can you see all those tiny triangles?
Yeah....I must be nuts!


  1. Outstanding Karen :-)! I know you can do it and it will be way beautiful. I would love to chat you up about making a quilt for my boss for Christmas. Also maybe one for Moon so I can give it to her for her 7th birthday next August. Let's chat before others place their orders. The early bird gets the worms...I am just saying.

  2. Wow! That's a lovely pattern. Can't wait to see it all finished in a month or so.... :o)

  3. yep, you're nuts!!! Go bog or go home, that's what I say!! My first quilt was a CA King with 13 different shades of blue......I still like to quilt even after that! FYI, it's still in use today!! GO FOR IT!

  4. It's not just the triangles that would freak me out but the curves... wowze! You're definitely a brave soul! I can't wait to see the progress. You're a great sewer and I'm sure you'll do an awesome job! Love the Happy Camper quilt! :)

  5. Loving the Happy Camper quilt! I don't think you're crazy with the new quilt design, I'm sure you can pull it off. Besides you'll never know if you don't give it a try. It will be great!

  6. Gosh I just picked up that magazine...loved that quilt and sternly told myself that I in no way had the mad skillz to make that quilt and step away from the pattern! So now I get to live it through you :) yeah!