Thursday, September 8, 2011

Sew productive :)

Have you ever have a day where you are just sewing along happily,
getting things checked off your "to do" list.....
and suddenly you realize you just sewed your bag upside down?
No?     Just me then :)

Luckily I caught it before I sewed the entire bag together. It was an easy fix and I finished it. Yes, I know this is yet again one of those cute re-usable Keyka Lou grocery bags. For those of you who actually read my blog on a regular basis, I'm sure you'll remember when I went through my Sweetwater apron phase. These are so FTS that I'll probably be boring you with more of these before I move on to something else :)

Love Love Love this fabric!
How cute are all the groceries? I used heavy weight natural canvas for the outside of the bag.

You would be the envy of every other shopper at
Whole Foods with a bag like this one!

I also took 5 pairs of little boys jammies that had holes in the knees and turned them into shorts for the warm nights we've been having and I made a pair of snugly jammie pants for my lovely daughter in law :)

And last but not least, one more Owlie bag for the shop.
Even with the upside down was a pretty productive day :)


  1. fab-u-lous-ness! (even with the little whoops)

  2. good job!! gad you caught it before it was done!

  3. Sorry,but You do Not have a corner on that market!
    Love your fabric for the Yum bag. Another super cute owlie up there too :)

  4. I made a zipper pouch upside down with the4 zipper made for a left hander.
    Love the little owl.
    Teresa's Heartfelt Stitches

  5. Wow! You were very productive today! Great job! Love those colors for the owl purse! :)

  6. Nice job :-)!

    I love the fact that you share your mistakes as well as your creativeness :-)! It helps the novice like me know that it is OK to make mistakes, to just move on and keeping loving the project I am working on.

  7. You were so productive. I'm the opposite right now! I;'m up to ears in school work and feel like I'm spinning my wheels!
    The Bag is adorable. I love that fabric and your appliqued letters are just the right touch!

  8. Love that it was upside down, doesn't make me feel so bad about my mistakes! LOL