Monday, May 14, 2012

Happy Monday!

I had such a lovely weekend with my family :)
I hope you all did too!

I finished the mug rug for my swap partner
and it's on it's way to Australia now.
I hope she likes it!

I also finished up a fun little cross stitch pillow.

"Support our Troops" by Erica Michaels
Stitched on 28ct linen over 2 threads.

I found this backing fabric out in the garage
along with some other patriotic fabrics
that I used a lot
when I was making raggedy ann dolls years ago.

This is the needle book I stitched for my Mom.
I know she'll love the Delft tile look :)
I found this needlebook kit on ebay.
It made me laugh to think
that this pattern was designed in Scotland
and it's a classic Delft tile pattern from Holland
being stitched by a woman born in Holland
who now lives in California
and it's being mailed to a woman in Germany
who married a man from Holland
that now lives in California
but is on vacation in Germany where she was born.
Makes perfect sense right?


  1. I am sooo confused. LOL
    Your ma will love it, your sewing partner will love it and I am stealing your table runner.

  2. Your work is absolutely gorgeous! I look forward with anticipation to every post you make. Your posts are like a living arts and crafts book filled with beautiful handcrafted works of art :-)!

  3. I love the runner, mug rug, pillow and book! What a confusing, but not really, tale for that pattern!

  4. love all your pretties and you do such wonderful work!

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