Thursday, March 21, 2013

More or less..... when is "more" better?
When is "less" the way to go?
Are you tired of seeing "more" aprons,
pot holders and project bags yet?
Would "less" be better?
It's Ok...
you can say it.
Enough already!!!
I promise that tomorrow with be 
something completely different.
I'm taking part is the 
Stitch Me Up Blog Hop 
that is already going on now.
Click on the link on the right 
to see the amazing needlework
from day one and two.
My turn is tomorrow
so be sure to stop by again tomorrow
to see what I came up with
as well as another giveaway!

I made a few "little girl" project bags
for those of us who are planning to teach our
precious little ones to stitch :)

Hope you have a great day!
See you tomorrow!!!!


  1. I NEVER get tired of seeing your creations Obi Wan :-)! I like the little girl project bags!

  2. I LOVE to see your lovely creations! You are an inspiration!

  3. love the cherry apron! stitchin means sewing so there's still hope for those aprons lol!one of these days I'm going to give those potholders a try, the bags are just too cute!

  4. beautiful creations Karen.xx

  5. Those little potholders are darling ; )

  6. I love the hanging hearts on your bagsà