Saturday, May 18, 2013

A little bit of custom ordered goodness :)

I seriously have the BEST customers!
I love the ones that tell me what they want
and then just let me go for it :)
How fun is this Vintage Army apron?
My sweet customer has a vintage Army poster
in her home
and now she has a matching apron :)

And she saw this darling tea pot fabric on an apron
I made a while back and wanted the same fabric.
Unfortunately I didn't have any more
and it's out of print.
I checked Etsy and Ebay
but no luck.....
But don't you just love the internet?
I was able to locate some yardage
from an online fabric store and "voila" :)
She also ordered matching pot holders.
It's always such a good feeling
when the orders are complete
and on their way to their new homes.

Ok....I hear fabric calling me....
let's see what's next on my list :)


  1. Love both of the aprons! Both fabrics are great.

  2. I absolutely love the vintage apron. Excellent job Obit Wan :-)!

  3. I shared both aprons on Facebook. I love them both! My WW1 apron is wonderful and my daughter, Jessica, loves her new teapot apron and potholders. Thank you.