Monday, January 13, 2014

ACSA Week #2 and My Evil Minion Moment

I'll give you too much some information about me
you might not know.
I don't always answer my door when someone knocks.
How very unfriendly of me....
There's no law that says I have to.

Case in point,
a few years back I was dying my hair
and bleaching my mustache
and wearing my stained old ratty tank top
(because of the hair dye)
and no bra 
and it was about 10:00am.
Suddenly there was a knock at the door.
I looked through the peep hole
to see the husband of a dear friend of mine
with his arms loaded with Christmas gifts.
I think I stopped breathing if he could hear me.
Needless to say,
I didn't answer the door
and this sweet man left our gifts on the back porch.

So you see, there are good reasons to not answer the door.

on Saturday my hubby had to work so I was home alone.
I walked the dog and came home and took a shower.
I got dressed and left the towel on my hair.
I had every intention of drying my hair and putting on make-up.
But I got sidetracked in my sewing room playing with my
Vintage Singer 128 machine.
I took the towel off my head
and proceeded to play with the shuttle bobbin.
Such a weird contraption, but I finally figured it out.
Suddenly there was a knock at the door
and I jumped up to answer it.
I looked through the peep hole to see
a friend of my husband's who has never met me.
I answered the door and he asked if Jose was at home
and after a few moments of chit chat he left.
About 20 minutes later I was walking past a mirror.....
I'm not exaggerating here,
I had no makeup
and my hair looked like I slept on a bus stop bench.
1/2 of my bangs had been pressed against my forehead 
from the towel and the other 1/2 stuck straight up,
True story.
I didn't know whether to laugh or cry.
Nice first impression right?
At least I was wearing a bra :)
I chose to laugh.
Poor guy.
He's probably scarred for life!
I told Jose when he got home
and he said I always look beautiful to him :)
Yep....he's a keeper.

After my less than stellar morning,
I decided to do a bit of piecing.
I grabbed a charm pack of "Delighted" by Riley Blake
and "Little Charmers 5" patterns
 that I bought from Fat Quarter Shop.
I paired it with some fun tiny hounds tooth fabric from my stash
and Viola!
I need to sandwich and quilt it,
but I love the happy bright colors!

So now on to the After Christmas Sew Along -
Have you ladies been using the great discounts
offered to us?
You can review them HERE
I've placed several orders myself
and I'll show you pics when all my goodies arrive.
I'd love to hear if you have been using the coupons.

We've got another great prize for one lucky winner this week
and the flickr group is ready for your creations!


  1. I don't always answer the door and I often don't answer the phone, especially if I don't recognise the number!

  2. I know what my hair looks like coming out from under a towel so I can just picture the scene perfectly. Thanks for the great chuckle this morning.

  3. hahaha! I love your story! I have those types of mornings too and Chris always says "nice hair babe." and yes Jose is right - you are beautiful all the time. Great story my friend. and I love the topper! is it for you?

  4. sometimes I don't either and I am always ready for action. hahaha

  5. That's why I always keep a knit cap ready to slam on my head! I am not one of those who gets kitted up every day...too busy getting into the quilting room to bother :) Thanks for the chuckle today!!!

  6. Your post made me laugh hysterically because I know exactly how you felt. A similar thing happened to me when my husband brought a work friend home to meet me, but I was in a ratty old t-shirt and fuzzy Snoopy sleep pants. (haha) Now he asks first before bringing someone over. ;)

  7. OH!!! You make me laugh! I don't answer the door or my phone, if its a number I don't recognize. I have become very phone-a-phobic...