Thursday, January 9, 2014

Some eye candy :)

I wanted to introduce you to "Elizabeth", Lizzy for short :)
She is the newest addition to our household
and I am totally in love with her already!
She is a Singer Featherweight from the early 1900's.
She has the most beautiful stitch quality
and she's so cute!!!
My insane wonderful friend Gena
wanted to swap this beauty for a quilt that I will make for her.
Yes....I do have the VERY BEST FRIENDS!
Look at that gorgeous face plate!!!
Isn't she lovely?
I did finally finish up the table topper
that I pieced 2 years ago 
during the After Christmas Sew Along.
It's so wonderful to have it finished up :)
I backed it in red and white polka dots.
Please try not to be surprised :) 
And I also wanted to show you my other beauty
that has joined my sewing room lately.
She is a model 127 Singer 3/4 size.
Her name is "Margaret", Maggie for short :)
She was born on July 3, 1923 according to 
Singer's email.
The wooden carrying case is gorgeous too.
Can you believe I bought her for $32.00?
I know right?
The hubs pointed her out at an antique store 
in San Juan Capistrano on a recent motorcycle trip.
I snatched her right up!!!
He wanted me to carry her on the motorcycle all the way home.
that didn't happen.
So we drove back the next day
in the suburban and picked her up.

These old machines are artwork.
The fact that they still work is a testimony
to old school workmanship.
They just don't build 'em like they used to folks :)

So now on to the sew along.
How is everyone doing?
I've seen some great projects over at the flickr group already!
Make sure to stop by the group and share some love :)
Even if you don't have pics to share just yet
please leave a comment today so I know
I'm not all alone over here!
Have a great day!!!


  1. ahhhhhh, you named her. the table topper is lovely. and she fits in your table already? love that. I knew it was a good decision.
    I am nothing but smiles right now.

  2. that first one so should have gotten lost in shipping - just sayin'

  3. Beautiful machines! Gives me inspiration to get mine all cleaned up and running too. The table topper is lovely! Is this in the Schnibbles book we both have?

  4. OHhhhhhhhhhhhhh I wish I would find machines like this somewhere!!!! lol. Gorgeous!!

  5. Wow...these are fabulous Karen....great trade with your friend. Isn't it great to have such awesome friends AND the find at the antique store is totally awesome. If I would have seen that at an antique store for that price I would have bought it myself. I don't sew....just would love to look at it all the time. I think the older machines are so cool and just love to look at em. LOL I know I am weird. My grandmother was a huge sewer, in fact back in her day was a seamstress for the local women's clothing store. Back then they had their own in-house that was her job. And she sewed a lot at home. My mom was also a big sewer back in the day and when I was a little tike most of my clothes were hand-sewn by them or also knitted by my grandmas...she was a big knitter too. I don't know how I never picked up the sewing thing as it ran in the family...but stopped at me. Maybe it was when I was in 7th grade and had sewing as one of my classes and somehow I managed to run the machine (needle) right thru my finger....I think maybe that is why I didn't go any further....yes I did that. LOL To this day I wish I had learned it and might still some day. You never know. I have my grandmas old sewing machine...not old like yours you got but I have it just sitting in storage. So that is my crazy sewing story. Love your finds...they are are a lucky gal Karen !

  6. OMG!! What a beauty and only $32 this makes me want to scout out the local antique stores here in town. I have a Janome 3125 a basic starter machine. But I am trying to learn more and I think for my birthday I need to step it up :)