Friday, January 3, 2014

My little herd is complete!

I can hardly believe that I actually finished all 12!
I'm a habitual "never-finish-what-you-started" kinda girl.
But I'm super happy with my little "herd" :)
These darling sheep will become a table topper soon.
Here are the final 2 that I finished last week.
Gratitude and Joyfulness.
Perfect words for the new year! 

Check back tomorrow for all the details 
of the upcoming 
After Christmas Sew Along 2014!


  1. Oh heavens those were cute individually, but all together they're totally adorable! I think I like Wisdom the best - he has spots :D Looking forward to getting the details for the sewalong - I have several projects ready to work on, with the intention of finishing, during the sewalong, make ahead items for my gift box plus the gifts I want to make a g-nephew for his birthday next month :)

  2. Just lovely! I think they look nice with the red gingham too. Ewe are sew crafty! :o)

  3. They look wonderful! Can't wait to see how you finish them off into a table topper.

  4. Well done on getting all these finished! I have watched so many stitch these, I may be tempted to do them day!

  5. Oh I love them! Each one is so special!