Monday, March 3, 2014

You gotta love a sturdy German girl :)

My menagerie of old sewing machines is growing :)
My mom was gifted this vintage Pfaff
by a daughter of her good friend.
And now she's been gifted to me!
She's an industrial model 230.
From what I tell online,
she was made in Germany in 1956.
I've named her Heidi :)
She has her original owner's manual
and many attachments.
She does all these fun stitches too!
And I'm in love with her wooden cabinet!
It weights at TON and is solid wood.
It's going to get a light sanding and a coat of red paint.
She works with a knee controller 
which will take a minute to get used to
but I think she's Wunderbar!!!


  1. I found one of these at a yard sale, no cabinet, but the price was right...$5... I did take it in for service but stiff a great deal. I didn't know it would do more than zigzag. I don't have a manual..and not being very familiar with old machines I haven't played much...

  2. I am learning to use a knee controller too

  3. She is Wunderbar! and I love her name!

  4. Heidi is Das Wunderbar! The cabinet is gorgeous too - it'll look stylin' when it gets a nice coat (or 3) of red paint!

  5. Heidi is a real beauty! I hope you have many happy years together :)

  6. She's a beauty! I learned on a knee-controlled Singer in a cabinet like hers - so easy!!! It never scoots away like a foot pedal :)

  7. A real beauty. I do so love older machines they really are wunderbar.

  8. How fun is that! Enjoy your treasure

  9. YA! YA! Wunderbar! so pretty, before I even started sewing a lady was selling her old sewing machine like this at a garage sale. I really loved it and wish I had bought it, but at the time I didn't even sew, who knew 10 years later I would.

  10. Heidi looks pretty sturdy - people in those days make everything with the intention for them to last forever. You've got a wonderful treasure for sure.

  11. What a cool machine. You know a girl can never have to many machines. LOL