Monday, March 10, 2014

Holy "Mini Man Bag" Batman!!!

So this adorable young man
is my 6 year old grandson David .
He asked me weeks ago to make him 
a "Man bag" to carry his important "stuff".
His daddy has a bag for his laptop
and important paperwork,
so of course, 
David needed one too.
It had to be red.....
his new favorite color :)

Luckily I had this ultra cool Batman fabric
with a red background in my stash,
waiting for just such an occasion! 
I wanted it to look rugged and "manly"
so I used heavy red canvas for the outside
and black cotton webbing for the shoulder strap
with just a hint of the Batman fabric for some fun on the flap. 
The interior is fully lined in the Batman print.
I made one pocket on the front
to carry his Awana ID card
and any other important documents he needs to bring along. 
He's super excited about his new bag.
He hasn't taken it off except to sleep last night :)
It totally makes me smile to see him so happy!
Now his little sister wants one 
and she's already picked out Disney Little Mermaid fabric
from Nana's stash for her bag.
Good thing I drew up a pattern while I was 
making David's bag :)
Evie's bag will be a girlier verson of the same bag.
I'll offer the Pdf pattern in my etsy shop
once I have a chance to type it all up.


  1. You go Obi Wan! The bag is manly and totally awesome :-)! Great job :-)!

  2. awesome bag! can't wait for the pattern. I wonder if my littles would like one. I know their Grandma would!

  3. Awwwwwwwwww such a nice Nana - not only did you make him a great bag (and I'm sure his sister's will be just as great!) but you're making them wonderful memories - most important!

  4. Boy is he a lucky little gent. It is perfect and I can tell by the look on his face.