Thursday, June 17, 2010

For the love of x's

I have always loved the look of cross stitch but never had the patience. I would buy really cute kits and take them to my mom's house and ask her to make them for me. (She is an excellent stitcher). So I have these fantastic heirlooms that I can one day pass on to my children. I don't know what happened to suddenly make me want to cross stitch myself but I have to say I am totally hooked! My wonderful husband is a movie fan so his idea of a good time relaxing is to watch a movie on his big screen (preferably something with John Wayne or Clint Eastwood or at the very least something where everything blows up and everyone dies ) anyhoo.....I found a hobby that I can do sitting next to him on the couch while he escapes into his movies. Most of my work has been given as gifts to others, but a few pieces adorn our home. I was at a Thrift store (another passion of mine) and I came across a stack of old Cross stitch magazines and one of them had a pattern for this fabulous little Russian doll. I quickly came home and went on ebay to find copies of the 2 other magazines that had the other 2 patterns in them. (It's a set of 3 in different sizes). I knew my mom would love them! So I made one for her for Mother's Day. I'm working on the largest one right now to give her for her birthday in October. I'll give her the final one for Christmas. Right now she has no idea that there are 3 dolls. She only has the one so far and takes it with her all over the place and shows it to all her friends at Bingo and the Senior center :) She named it Katushka, which is my name in Russian. I don't have to worry that she might see this because she has absolutley no idea what to do with a computer.

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