Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Rekindled Romance...

I'll admit love for sewing has not been my focus for quite a long time. My craft room has become quite the scrapbook supply warehouse and I am only a part-time scrapper. I have even dabbled in jewelry making for a while. But my first love would have to be sewing! My newest grandson will be 1 next week and my daughter in law told me that he needs clothes. She also told me that most baby clothes don't fit very well because she uses cloth diapers on him and they are quite a big bulkier than disposables. So because my grandson carries around "big cloth diaper junk in the trunk" I decided to make him some rompers with a bit more "wiggle" room :) So this is the first one I finished yesterday. I can't wait to cut and sew the other 2 but I have to wait and see if the one I made fits him first. I mean how cute is the pastel camo fabric and the blue fabric with the cars? There's something so wonderfully satisfying about taking a flat piece of cloth and turning it into something cute and useful.

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