Monday, June 21, 2010

It was all about the boys!

Yesterday was such a wonderful day! Sometimes I tend to over-think "special days" and expect things to go a certain way and sometimes everything just unfolds into a beautiful series of moments that become lasting memories. Yesterday (maybe because I've stopped over-thinking everything) turned out to be a really lovely Father's Day. The last thing that my husband said to me before we drifted off to sleep was "Thank you for today. It was really awesome." I am so blessed in my life to have such a loving family! God is so good! So here are the pics of the Father's Day card I made for the hubby.

He's a major Star Trek fan. Not the kind that dresses up in costumes and goes to the conventions (although I'm sure that if I went with him, he'd love to go but I have to draw the line somewhere). Anywayzers.....he's a fan of the "Captain Kirk" era as well as "Captain Piquard" next generation era. I think it came out pretty good. He loved it and kept picking it up and laughing.

We had a yummy lunch after church and then we all went out into the backyard so the boys (big and little) could play with their water guns. The only sad part of the day was that my oldest grandson was struggling with his asthma and couldn't really run amok as he normally would. Good news is that he's doing better today.


  1. you can now laugh some more Karen because I made a uniform and went to the midnight showing of ST 2009 and every Christmas my dining room is filled with 50+ ornaments with blue garland and stars and lights. I have a serious ST addiction. LOL
    For our 22 anniversary, hubby took me to the San Jose Tech Museum for the ST exhibition. aaawwweeesssooommmmeeeeeeeee had my pic taken on the bridge and in the transporter and rode in a shuttle craft with Worf!!!
    I even snuck a pic of the guardian of time!!! bad Regena, bbaaaddddd Regena!!!/video/video.php?v=106536849362022

    hope the link works!!