Saturday, July 24, 2010

Beauty from Ashes

So here is a photo of the tomato plant I bought from the garden center. It's planted in organic soil and has been given special tomato fertilizer. I've had a few odd sized tomatoes (I have to say they have been very tasty) dispite my attempts to be a good farmer. I've even tried talking nicely to it as I water it. I've moved it to a new location hoping to maybe catch the perfect amount of sun....but alas.....

And here is the MASSIVE wild tomato plant that has taken up residence behind my garage. It is almost 6 feet tall and I've had to prune it back twice! No organic soil, no fertilizer, no nothing! It has taken root in the hardest, dryest, most unyeilding patch of dirt anywhere on our property. The fact that the only reason it's there is because a bird must have pooped the seeds there and the weather conditions were just right, makes me smile at just how amazing God is and what He can do. The bible says that He makes beauty from ashes. Obviously He also makes tomatoes from bird dookie :)


  1. NICE plants! THANK YOU for stopping by my blog and commenting. I appreciate it! =)

  2. plants are strange....i have HUGE tomato plants....scary huge....I love the baby outfits you made too.........